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Man eats heart with knife and fork

Location: CAPE TOWN
Crime Date: 11 June 2014
Reported Date: 12 June 2014

Man eats heart with knife and fork

Cape Town - A man has been arrested in Gugulethu for allegedly cutting out the heart of his ex-girlfriend’s current lover and eating it with a knife and fork. 

Neighbours were awoken by a traumatised man who had witnessed the attack late on Tuesday night, reported the Times. 

The suspect allegedly stabbed 62-year-old Mbuyiselo Manona in the chest and neck and bit the victim on the left side of his face.

A witness told the Cape Argus he looked through a window of Manona’s house and saw the suspect sitting next to Manona’s body and “digging from the body and stuffing his face”.

Police apparently found the suspect with a piece of heart dripping from his mouth.

Manona’s girlfriend, Nomonde Tshabalala, who had been living with him for three years, has been left in a state of shock.

Manona’s sisters also expressed their horror at his death and said he “didn’t deserve to die in the hands of an animal”.

- News24

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Attempted Murder

Location: CAPE TOWN
Crime Date: 21 February 2014
Reported Date: 21 February 2014

Attempted Murder

The murderer has attempted to kill my girlfriend last week and was arrested and detained. she later bribed the police and was released illegally yesterday and to she has attempted to attack (Lucy Holokani, case opened at Milnerton Polive) her again this morning around 7am. Lucy Holokani went to report the case and was turned down with the Police claiming that the Accused (Melody Ngwenya)  is still in custody. Right as I write the accused has bought acid and threatening to pout it on Lucy Holokani. You can call Lucy the Victim at 074 6865760

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Location: DURBAN
Crime Date: 3 July 2013
Reported Date: 3 July 2013


aledgedly, the policeman came into our yard to get his dog. he said that our dog was fighting with his dog. he then said that he thought that our dog was going to turn on him as he tried to seperate a dog fight. he enetered our yard withput our persmission, when he tried to get his dog. our yard is fully fenced and his is not. he said thought the dog was going to attack him, so he pulled out his gun and shot the dog!

1. he netered withour persmission

2. our dogs are pets, they dont bite, they are very playful.

3. he was not sorry and said that he can justify what he did

4. our other dog is limping, we dont know what he did to her!

5. our dogs are german sheperds.

please do something about this policeman, who killed a memeber of our family!

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Alberick and

Location: CAPE TOWN
Crime Date: 11 April 2013
Reported Date: 12 April 2013

Alberick and

2 Men shot in Atlantis yesterday Herbet use Hare, Hare was yesterday locked up for Tik( He Should be in jail Atlantis) of Heathfields Court to do the job. Nico staying in Heathfields Court got 3 stolen Guns 2 Bought from Crowie/Shahied Philander No 52 Heath Fields Court Protea Park Atlantis Nico Staying Nr 57 Heathfields Court Protea Park Hare had a Red Jacket on He is also staying in Heathfield Courts 1 one of the guns stolen and reported to Alantis police Station belong to Eddie Fortuin of Avondale at nr at Nr 53 Heathfield Courts Protea Park is the other Person involved

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Community Justice in Macassar - Kayelitsha

Location: CAPE TOWN
Crime Date: 13 March 2013
Reported Date: 13 March 2013

Community Justice in Macassar - Kayelitsha

Community Justice - in Macassar - Kayelitsha
Not for sensitive viewers
This morning at +/- 05h30 in Siphendule Street, residents witnessed a brutal murder after he stole a hand bag....

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Six kids held for brutal murders

Location: Mookgophong (Naboomspruit)
Crime Date: 15 August 2012
Reported Date: 16 November 2012

Six kids held for brutal murders

Six children were arrested on Thursday for the murders of three children in Limpopo in August, said police.

"They are being kept in a place of safety and will appear before the Mookgopong Magistrate's Court on Friday," said Brigadier Hangwani Mulaudzi.

He said the six were aged between 12 and 14, and would face three charges of murder, and rape.

Brothers Bafana Kekana (9) and Hosea Richard Kekana (10), and their cousin Johana Kekana (12), were found dead in Mookgopong (formerly Naboomspruit) on 18 August.

They had been stoned to death. Bloodied stones, covered by a blanket and tree branches, were found near their bodies.

They were wearing their school uniforms and their hands and feet were bound with shoelaces.

The girl, Johana, had been raped before being killed.

The children were last seen alive on 15 August, during a march to demand more teachers at their school, Dikobo Primary. They lived at the Montadi Youth Care Centre.

Mulaudzi said the six teenagers lived in the area where the bodies were found.

The SA Human Rights Commission said in October that it was investigating the murders, and whether the children's guardians had been negligent.


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Girl found buried on Muizenberg Beach

Location: CAPE TOWN
Crime Date: 2 March 2012
Reported Date: 3 March 2012

Girl found buried on Muizenberg Beach

The body of a young girl was found on Muizenberg beach on Friday, Cape Town police said.

The girl had been buried in the sand.

"Because the body of the girl was exposed to the elements, it is not possible to make an identification yet, or to speculate on her age," Lieutenant-Colonel André Traut said.

The cause of her death would be established during a post-mortem, he said.

"Forensic procedures will be used to determine her identity."

Police are investigating a case of murder.


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Farmer (77) - Shot dead on farm

Location: Vryburg
Crime Date: 29 January 2012
Reported Date: 31 January 2012

Farmer (77) - Shot dead on farm

A 77-year-old farmer has been shot dead at his home in Stella, near Vryburg, North West police said on Monday.

Hendrik Cilliers was found half-naked on the ground five metres from his house on Sunday evening, said Brigadier Thulane Ngubane.

He had a bullet wound to his head, and his hands and feet were bound with shoelaces, said Ngubane.

A neighbour called the police when he saw Cilliers's car on the main road and his phone went unanswered.

The motive for his murder was unknown and police were searching for his killers.


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