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was raped by a truckdriver on my way to Joburg

Location: Somerset West
Crime Date: 1 April 2014
Reported Date: 24 September 2014

was raped by a truckdriver on my way to Joburg


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Exchange student raped on Signal Hill

Location: CAPE TOWN
Crime Date: 6 April 2013
Reported Date: 9 April 2013

Exchange student raped on Signal Hill

A Norwegian exchange student was raped on Signal Hill in Cape Town at the weekend, it was reported on Tuesday.

"It was about 1am [on Saturday]. The woman and her boyfriend were in their car when they were approached by two armed men who tied up the woman's boyfriend," police spokesperson Andre Traut told The Cape Times.

He said the men took their personal belongings and then raped the woman.

They then drove the couple to Camps Bay, where they left them in the car.

No arrests had been made and the two were helping to formulate identikits of the men. A case of robbery and rape was being investigated.

Table Mountain Watch spokesperson Andre van Zyl told the newspaper that this attack was the first of its kind in two years.

"There have been other attacks, but on hikers... This is a serious incident and very unusual from the break-in of cars now and then," he said.

A city attempt to have the road closed at 10pm had proven unpopular, he said.


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Rape Stats in South Africa

Location: Nationwide
Crime Date: 8 February 2013
Reported Date: 8 February 2013

Rape Stats in South Africa

Rape statistics in South Africa is a disgrace! 

EVERY 4 minutes someone is raped in South Africa!!!!


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Man rape his own mother

Location: Lusikisiki
Crime Date: 10 December 2012
Reported Date: 11 December 2012

Man rape his own mother

A man has been arrested in Lady Frere, Eastern Cape, for allegedly raping his own mother, police said on Monday.

The man (26) allegedly attacked his 64-year-old mother with a knife on Saturday at around 11am, Lieutenant Pumzile Makaula said.

He told his mother to take off her clothes and then allegedly raped her. She reported the crime to family and neighbours, who mobilised local residents to look for her son.

"They arrested him and handed him over to the police," said Makaula.

He was expected to appear in the Lady Frere Magistrate's Court on Tuesday.


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Teen raped in Church bathroom

Crime Date: 10 February 2012
Reported Date: 13 February 2012

Teen raped in Church bathroom

A teenager has been attacked at the Gelvandale Church of the Nazarene in Nelson Mandela Bay, Port Elizabeth, police said on Monday.

"The 17-year-old girl was getting ready for a youth service evening on Friday when she noticed a young man in his early 20s outside the church," Captain Sandra Janse van Rensburg said.

The man asked for water and slipped through the gate when the teenager opened it for a friend.

"He was armed with a knife and tied them up. He then apparently took the 17-year-old to the bathroom and raped her," said Janse van Rensburg.

He fled when three other churchgoers arrived for the service.

"He took two cellphones with him," she said.

The man was arrested at noon on Saturday and would appear in Port Elizabeth's New Law Courts on Monday on charges of rape and robbery.


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13yr old raped by family member's bf

Crime Date: 18 January 2012
Reported Date: 31 January 2012

13yr old raped by family member's bf

13yr old girl was raped by her cousin's boyfriend and is now pregnant. She currently stays with her cousin and her aunt who both are denying her access to counselling and care. The 13yr old aunt wants to take her for an abortion and to keep it a secret from the rest of the family. Can anybody help!

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7 year old sexual assaulted by boy

Location: CAPE TOWN
Crime Date: 23 January 2012
Reported Date: 26 January 2012

7 year old sexual assaulted by boy

The Western Cape Education Department on Wednesday said a seven-year-old victim of an alleged sexual assault and the older boy accused of the attack were both receiving counselling.

A Cape Town mother said she had opened a case with police after her daughter reported that she had been raped at her primary school, allegedly by a boy in Grade Three.

Police and the school were investigating the incident.

The provincial education department's Bronagh Casey said officials were in contact with the families of both children.

"Our priority is ensuring that the victim has relevant support and counseling. We've been in contact with the parent and counselling support has been offered to the alleged victim. However, she is receiving it at a separate medical institution at the moment," she said.  

Casey added that once the investigations of both the police and the school were complete, the school's governing body would take further action.

"The school is currently working closely with the investigating officer and they are conducting their own separate investigation. At this stage, they do not see the alleged perpetrator as a threat to the other learners and are closely monitoring the situation."

Eyewitness News

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Rape of baby and mother beaten

Location: La Mercy
Crime Date: 22 December 2011
Reported Date: 3 January 2012

Rape of baby and mother beaten

I would like to know how the country is up in arms over woman and child abuse and its a terrible thing and how bad rape is our country, Yet a 52 year old man in a township can rape a 4 year old girl AND NO ONE DOES anything about it. The Osindisweni Hospital has done nothing about it but just send the mother and child home it has not been reported otherwise something would have been done ( but what do you expect from a government hospital as I have witnessed first-hand that , that hospital is more like a prison as that is how you get treated and they don’t care for the patients). Then he tries again and broke in to my domestic lady’s house to get at her 9 year old niece, when my Domestic chased him out as he only lives 3 houses down. so the lady that’s 4 year old was raped stood up to him and confronted him and he beat her. The police were called he was taken away but by the time morning came he was back , wait for it ….. the constable is on holiday so just let him go. LET HIM GO id understands if he had stolen a chocolate but he has RAPED AND BEAT a mother and her baby. Why was he not kept in prison to wait for the constable to come back from HOLIDAY, See this is the problem it seems no one cares about the kids and ladies in the township something happens to them oh well so what. It’s a disgrace and no wonder women don’t report what happens in the township as the men get out scott free and come back for them. The only way this will start to have any effect is if the RAPEIST are put and kept behind bars not let out with a slap on the wrist, the police and government hospitals need to start doing their job properly. What gets me the most is how you can have a drunk driver arrested on a Friday and only let out on a Monday but a rapist can be let out 3 hours later PRIORITY Please help what can we do to get this monster behind bars where he should be. Please keep my name anonymous as I live in the community where the township is and don’t what them to know who has complained ( as I far from trust the police to protect me

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Women raped in front of sons and friends

Location: Richards Bay
Crime Date: 21 November 2011
Reported Date: 23 November 2011

Women raped in front of sons and friends

A Gauteng woman was raped in front of her teenage sons and their friends, and an elderly couple was robbed at a holiday resort in Richards Bay, northern KwaZulu Natal, The Witness reported on Wednesday.

The 38-year-old woman from Vanderbijlpark and her two sons were attacked by four armed men just hours after arriving at Meerensee for a five-day vacation.

They had arrived for their holiday at 9pm on Monday.

After raping the woman and ransacking the self-catering unit, the four went to another unit on the same property and held an elderly couple at gunpoint and robbed them.

According to a woman from the second unit, who wished not be named fearing for her safety, the armed men must have entered the property protected by five-metre walls and an electric gate, between 9.30pm and 10pm.

"The other group had just arrived [from Vanderbijlpark] and asked us if there was a shop nearby as they needed a few items.

"The armed men must have entered the property when they left the premises because when they returned they were waiting for them," she told the newspaper.

They allegedly forced the people into the home, forced the boys onto the ground and then one suspect raped the mother.

"One of the boys told us the mother just told them to look away while she was raped. He also said the robbers told them they were acting on ‘inside information'," the elderly victim told The Witness.

She said the suspects entered her unit at about 11.30pm through the bathroom and kitchen windows.

"We had just gone to bed. However, seconds after I got up to go and check on the dog, our bedroom light flicked on and this man entered our room."

With her husband waking up startled, the suspect pushed them both back onto the bed and immediately demanded jewellery, money, cellphones and laptops and threatened to rape the woman, the report said.

"We sat on the bed and pulled the duvet over us. One of the suspects started pulling the duvet down saying he was going to rape me, but he was distracted by my gold chain and instead took that. He kept saying 'where is the money, we are going to kill you'.

"They then ordered us to lie on the ground and tied up our hands and feet with my husband's shoelaces."

At this point the attackers escorted the four teenagers and the rape victim into the elderly couple's unit.

"The other woman had a gash to her head and was stumbling. They tied them all up and threatened to kill us. They had no masks; they weren't scared.

"One suspect said 'you [holidaymakers] shouldn't come here [Richards Bay], it's a sh*t place; look what we do to you',” said the elderly woman.

"By 11.50pm the suspects took the rape victim's BMW X5. They kept saying they were going to come back. By 1.45am my husband said we had better get out of the house.

"We forced a burglar bar open and climbed out the window, jumped walls into neighbouring premises until we were eventually helped by a drunk man who arranged to have the police called.

"I must say the SAPS in Richards Bay were flawless. We are thankful for their response," she said.

By Tuesday morning, police had recovered the BMW X5.

Richards Bay spokesperson Captain Debbie Ferreira told the newspaper no suspects had been arrested yet.


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Boy (11) - Gang Raped

Crime Date: 28 October 2011
Reported Date: 3 November 2011

Boy (11) - Gang Raped

An 11-year-old boy has been raped, allegedly by four other boys at a school in Eldorado Park, south of Johannesburg, police said on Wednesday.

The boy was receiving counselling from social workers while a case of rape was being investigated, Captain Phil Khorombi said.

He said the rape happened on Friday morning on the premises of the school.

"At this stage we cannot reveal much detail on the matter," he said.

The Gauteng Education Department had launched its own investigation into the matter, spokesperson Charles Phahlane said.

"The matter has shocked us and we view it in a serious light," he said.

Phahlane could not immediately reveal the name of the school.


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