Horses taken by SPCA were in pigsties

Four horses, two believed to be ex-racehorses, have been seized from a Philippi farm after being found living in filthy pigsties this week.

The sties had concrete floors and were so small the horses couldn't lie down. One horse was eating its own faeces because there was no food.

The Cape of Good Hope SPCA is investigating allegations that a fifth horse was beaten to death and buried nearby two weeks ago.

Allan Perrins, SPCA chief executive officer, said they would pursue charges of cruelty against the owner, a known pitbull breeder from Ottery who already has a number of charges against her.

Two of the horses are thoroughbreds - one of them was emaciated - and the others were an Arab cross and a foal.

Perrins said the Arab had lacerations which appeared to be from razor wire or dog bite wounds. The owner was believed to have bought the two thoroughbreds for just R500 each.

Perrins said they would scan the horses' microchips to try to establish who had bred them, who raced them and who they were sold to: "I am hoping the Jockey Club will give us the last known owners."

The club's vet was due examine the horses on Friday.

Perrins said that at the yearling sales, top horses went for R50 000 and up but that the "second-hand" value of a racehorse was often between only R3 000 and R5 000.

It was frustrating to know there were unscrupulous owners who were prepared to squeeze the last cent out of their horses without a thought for their welfare, Perrins said.

Recently three other thoroughbreds had come into the SPCA's Horse Care Unit after being abandoned. Two were former racehorses and the third's father was Windrush, a top Western Cape stallion.

Racehorses were pampered while in training but after their racing days were over they often faced an uncertain future.

Aubrey Jacobs, chairman of the Western Cape Equine Trust, said racehorses usually peaked at five or six years although some could race until about nine.

Most retired horses were put out to riding schools or sent to farms as companion animals.

"But some do slip though the cracks and land up pulling carts."

Andries Venter, SPCA chief inspector, said they suspected the owner of the horses had been planning to breed them.

- Cape Argus

Report ID: 102
Crime Category: Animal Cruelty
Province: Western Cape
City/Town: CAPE TOWN
Suburb: Philippi
Address: Philippi farm outside of Cape Town
Crime Date/Time: 28 Jan 2010, 00:01 AM
Reported By: Report A Crime
Reported Date: 30 Jan 2010, 19:01 PM
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  • sultan 5 Jul 2013, 01:35 PM

    sorry i forgot a few things all four of those horses were rescued by one lady alone so please when she asked for help no one was prepared to but when everyone doesnt know the full story then they want to jump to accuse others of curelty i think that lady was a great help to save those horses she never ate for a whole week to make sure those horses she rescued had food to eat so if you are looking for anyone to blame blame bianca she took that horse over and when the accused rescued that horse it was bianca who abused the horse starved it left it in knee high mud and then phoned spca saying the accused abused the horse so please becarefull cause someone thinks they helping a friend out yet the friend was the one who had everything special that you owned taken away from you so please people leave the accused MY FRIEND ALONE!!!! all she did was help ok

  • sultan 5 Jul 2013, 01:26 PM

    the spca thinks they know everything they do not think before they act i know that stallion they took it with out asking what really happened that horse was abandoned by its previous owner who decided to go overseas and left this horse to a young lady who could not evn look after herself yet alone a horse when i found out about this i went looking for the horse the young girl then said it was some one elses horse who skipped to move over seas so the accused found out and went to go rescue that horse from that state the accused only had the horse for 3 - 4 days before spca removed the horse REMEMBER THESE WORDS DO NOT JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER so please the spca thinks they can do what they want ill tell you a little story my horse was stolen off my property and i found the spca for help i eventurally found my horse beaten and blood coming from its chest i phoned spca told them where i was and the only showed up 3 hours later by that time my horses had already died so please dont tell me the spca are great people its opposite ok sorry some of them are they helped me in a heartbeat but the rest thanks but no thanks

  • Unknown 13 Jul 2010, 05:53 PM

    Why is it that the SPCA complaints about they have to must animals and that they need help to feed them, but when they get people that really want to take an animal home and give them a gr8 home, they are full of nonsense about were and how the place must look, they don't even think or take an chance that maybe this would help and give the animal an good home. I do believe that there are many wrong homes, but when they tell u one thing and then do another I think its really wrong!!!! I love animals and my home is perfect for the animal I wanted but just because of certain thing they said NO, giving me all this radical excuses and making up nonsense. Why don't they be more like over sea's SPCA?

  • Unknown 1 Jun 2010, 01:47 PM

    Not just some thoroughbred racehorses slip throught the cracks - A LOT of them do. I have a rescue which I have had from 2000 - racing name was Hareem Master from a really good bloodline and he was sold to some idiot who starved him, beat him and left him to die on some godforsaken filthy plot in Benoni - the racing fraternity do not all look after their horses - they are in it for the money. If the original owner of my horse, wants to contact me, contact this website to get my mail address - I would be happy to find out why he landed up where he did. He is now a happy contect old man turning 20 on 19 August 2010.

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