A4 Paper Fraud-Amancho Export and Mamba Group


Amancho Import Export PTY ltd of SOUTH AFRICA, in collaboration with MAMBA GROUP also of SOUTH AFRICA has a bank account at Nedbank for the sole purpose of defrauding international importers of their hard earned.

They are pretending to be a legitimate exporter of A4 papers and other commodities. I ordered 16,000 reams of A4 papers for a total $14,000. They asked me to make an advance TT of $7,000.00 before my consignment could be shipped. I made the $7,000 through your bank on October 15, 2015.

I have been trying to get my money back from them but to no avail. At one point, she (AMANCHO) admitted using my money for she and her husband's personal bills. What kind of business does that?

I would appreciate it if you could do something about these scam companies that have been established to fraudulantly take money from innocent importers.

I have attached the proforma invoice sent to me, my bank transfer confirmation to their account, some email communications.

They also asked me to send refund invoice and I did but they refused to send my money.




PS: Just a side note. from my own investigation, I found out that Amancho has a co-conspirator, code name, the Warehouse-Mamba Group. These two groups are operating between two bank accounts-one with Nedbank and another with Standard Bank. I have also attached an email showing the connection between the two groups. They both use the same website to pull in importers-WWW.Amanchotradings.com.

Here are the alledged conspirators:

Robert Enyegue
CEO Amancho Import Export
Diep River Cape Town 7800- SOUTH AFRICA
REG/VAT NO: 2015/141316/07
Cell: 27784671264
email: info@amanchotradings.com
Scam Website: amanchotradings.com

Anneline Enyegue, wife of Robert
Export Manager
email: amanchoexports@gmail.com

Alledged co-conspirator
Willie Mouton
Mamba Group aka the Warehouse
Reg/VAT: 2013/057424/07
email: amambagroup@gmail.com

Note: When Amancho receives money from a potential importer, they will say "we sent your money to the warehouse (Mamba) for the good". You never get the goods from the

Report ID: 11087
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: Western Cape
City/Town: CAPE TOWN
Address: 10 Mile end Rd
Crime Date/Time: 15 Oct 2015, 03:10 AM
Reported By: echennyu
Reported Date: 25 Nov 2015, 10:11 AM
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  • Ndhlakama 19 Jul 2017, 10:42 AM

    Has someone heard any news related to these thieves?
    With which company are they trading now?

  • Ndhlakama 16 Jun 2017, 11:48 AM

    Hit-and-run Thieves(Sibiya and Mouton) are not there where they say their Willing Exports Company is situated!

    Magnolia Avenue,
    Central Hermanus,
    South Africa, 7200
    Western Cape

    Email: info@willingexport.co.za
    Tel- Mobile: +27-718135328
    Tel: Office:+27-21-8392319
    Skype: willingexports5000

    Willie Roux Mouton(ZA ID:6110245006003, a CA by Trade) is still walking tall in the streets of CAPE TOWN boasting on his WhatsApp profile with pic of his 2 children......
    +27 78 138 6111 that is his real cellphone number!

  • Ndhlakama 19 May 2017, 10:51 AM

    Anneline (Jaftha)Enyegue, Robert Enyegue, Abraham Jones, Willie Mouton(CA), Eric Melisizwe Voboyi,Borien Fuzlin, Borien James and many other professional scammers who have been running the following fake companies to fraud innocent people...........1. Atang Suppliers and Distributors, 2.Pab Royal Group,3.Vobmeler, 4.Buvjunotel,5.Mamba Group Import and Export, 6.Trading Mania,7.Manifor Trading,8.Muyanuigong Export,9.Amancho,10.Vo-Import and 11.Atangcho Import and Export,12 Wilber Financial Trust cc,13 Wildeons Pty, 14 Mimba Exports 15.Willing Import& Exports

    CIPC of RSA is to blame by allowing such guys to register their companies unhindered amid THEIR ROUGH RECORDS!!!!

  • Ndhlakama 26 Apr 2017, 01:17 PM

    BUVJUNOTEL (Pty)Ltd' s fake website which is shadowed by TRADING MANIA COMPANY of Rashid Sibiya is now at last suspended........
    According to RSA Authority this BUVJUNOTEL thief thing(K2014/213738/07) is registered by SHUBISI, JOHN FONGUH, born on 22/10/1975& Passport No:01670893..................Tax No:9320444186
    These guys are malicious, terrorizing and showing contempt to other human beings!
    Who is from RSA Authorities benefiting from these guys scams? These guys are known and still scamming amid Registered Police cases against them from many countries........I can't believe my eyes!!!!!!!!!!Shame on South Africa, shame!!

  • Sachin106072 24 Apr 2017, 05:59 PM

    HI, Mr Rashid S Ahmed is now trading as Willing Exports, willing export.co.za. On Alibaba he is trading as Double Exports. Lucky i researched before doing anything.

    Theres only 1 Willing Import and Export registered on CIPC and it belongs to someone else in Epping industrial, Cape Town.

    The address on Willingexport.co.za states their address is in Hermanus,

    MR. Rashid . S. Ahmed (EXPORT DEPT)

  • Ndhlakama 17 Mar 2017, 11:06 AM

    Mr Molakeng Morena Abram, Rashid Ahmed Sibiya and Mr. Willie Mouton(CA) are South African thieves !
    Why BUVJUNOTEL/ TRADING MANIA website IS NOT CRUSHED like SAME companies run by the TRIO NON-DELIVERY SCAM THIEVES of the Republic of South Africa?

  • Ndhlakama 1 Mar 2017, 01:47 PM

    Mimba Import & Export in Association with Wilber Financial Services:
    Mobile. 0027784671264/0781386111 Vat Reg No 4900224751 Export Code 2023553
    125 York Street, George, 6529
    12 Ysterwater Street, Protea Heighta, Brackenfell, 7560 Cape Town ZA
    Email. abrahamsjones18@gmail.com
    Mr Molakeng Morena Abram and Mr. Willie Mouton. they are the scammers

    Victim’s Nationality:
    Brazil, Latin America
    Date 13 January 2017

    ***Other victims are from Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia, you name them!!!!!

  • Ndhlakama 16 Feb 2017, 02:27 PM

    At last MIMBA Exports fake website was crushed in December 2016.......
    I guess, they are scamming with another name again!

  • Ndhlakama 7 Dec 2016, 02:13 PM

    South African Scammer and Chartered Accountant Willie Roux Mouton is the Mastermind in below mentioned scams..............After his defunct Wilber Financial Services, he started to organize his co-scammers with the following scam companies which are running in rows one after the other when one is crushed due to their non-delivery scam, they walk-on to register another company to look legitimate .2015 Atanga Suppliers& Distributors was crushed, they came up with Mamba Group Exports, after Mamba's dirty works of scamming, they started trading with Atangacho Exports, after Atangacho was crushed, they start scamming with Wildeons (Pty)Ltd after they frauded people with Wildeons and people get alerted, Willie and his guys come up with the current MIMBA EXPORTS which is now making rounds to catch prey......................

  • Ndhlakama 9 Nov 2016, 03:31 PM

    When will MIMBA Exports( K2015/424496/07)website of Scammer Willie Mouton(CA) be crushed?
    Authority is failing law-abiding citizens and their whistle blowing means nothing
    NON-DELIVERY scams have deep roots in The REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA today after they were ORIGINATED and IMPORTED from WEST AFRICA. In South Africa today, even your own shadow can scam/rob you your hard-earned money!
    FACTS: Only 60% of the RSA Companies today are legitimate/ honest and the remaining 40% constitutes scams! Be on Guard, the situation is out of hand, it is a CRISIS! Foreign-based companies are/will be hard-hit by these MALICIOUS SCAMS!!!!!!

  • Ndhlakama 13 Oct 2016, 12:48 PM

    Seriously, these guys are malicious organized criminals that South Africa has ever produced: their new fake website which has a similar set up like of the crushed Atangacho, Atanga, Mamba, Amanacho, Manifor Trading Mania and other fake websites of theirs reads:

    Mimba Exports
    Contact Us
    Contact Person : Mr. Abram Morena (CEO)
    Account officer : Willie Mounton
    Address : 12 ysterwater, protea height brackfell Capetown
    Telephone No. : 0027218368140
    Mobile No. : 0027734918790
    Email ID : info@mimbaexports.com

    These guys did their homework and find a BIG CRACK in the system that for international victims, INTERPOL/POLICE is too slow and weakened by its bureaucracy in the process to finalize cases of this nature; THIEVES of MOUTON's caliber take advantage of that...............Year in-year out, countries INTERPOL CHIEFS meet but still they FAIL to work out an effective and quick mechanism to CRUSH rubbishes like in this situation!!

    ******I suspect that Abraham Morena in this chain is the same guy at some point calls himself ABRAHAM JONES!!!!!

    Company Registration number:K2015/424496/07 but they lie to the world on their website that they are in business since 2005 to hook and catch prey .

  • Suhayl00786 11 Oct 2016, 05:36 PM

    They are using a new website called www.mimbaexports.com
    Contact No. (021) 836 8140 Cell no . 0734918790
    Account Name : Wilber financial services
    Account No. 9321799775
    B/c : 632005
    Absa Bank
    Swift code : ABSAZAJJ

    I almost got scammed , thank god i first did my homework...

  • Ndhlakama 7 Oct 2016, 01:11 PM

    Thanks heaven, South Africa Justice system has spoken! Chartered Accountant and Prominent Scam Mastermind(thief) WILLIE MOUTON was convicted on Tuesday and was ordered to pay back(within 9 months) the ECDC's R1.3million that he got fraudulently in 2012.
    Watch him again with his new companies of WILLIE MOUTON CONSULTING(K2015/319468/07) &WILDEONS PTY . He will go back to Court again as the A4 papers, Cooking oil, tiffany chairs and other items cases from local and international victims whom he frauded while the 1.3million case was still dragging on at Court are still coming
    WHO IS NEXT??? His co-conspirators and notorious thieves as follow::
    Anneline (Jaftha)Enyegue, Robert Enyegue, Abraham Jones, Eric Melisizwe Voboyi,Borien Fuzlin, Borien James and many other professional scammers who have been running the following fake companies to fraud innocent people...........1. Atang Suppliers and Distributors, 2.Pab Royal Group,3.Vobmeler, 4.Buvjunotel,5.Mamba Group Import and Export, 6.Trading Mania,7.Manifor Trading,8.Muyanuigong Export,9.Amancho,10.Vo-Import and 11.Atangcho Import and Export,12 Wilber Financial Trust cc,13 Wildeons Pty, 14 Mimba Exports

  • Ndhlakama 23 Sep 2016, 02:07 PM

    "Buvjunotel Group"
    That are the DIRTY WORKS of FRAUDSTER RASHID AHMED SIBIYA of Woodstock of Western Cape............His TRADING MANIA COMPANY is in the shadow of BUVJUNOTEL (Pty)Ltd' s fake website..
    " Located in Cape Town, South Africa, our company with over 60.000 MT deliveries per year and 98% incomes with export is one of the major Sugar, Edible Oil, Poultry and Dairy products supplier in South Africa.
    We seek the best offers in Europe, Asia, Middle East and the Americas through our professional network"".

    Email: rashid@buvjunotel-group.co;info@buvjunotel-group.com ;sales@buvjunotel-group.com; export@buvjunotel-group.com;verify@buvjunotel-group.com

    Physical Address
    49 Berkley Road
    Western Cape

    Postal Address; P.O Box 16 ;Maitland, South Africa Tel/fax 0218368810 (which is on voice mail 24 hours)

    This company on CIPC is owned by a certain Shubisi, John Fonguh born on 22.10.1975 who is believed to be a Chinese Citizen of Passport 01670893

  • Ndhlakama 12 Sep 2016, 02:20 PM

    Willie Mouton(Willem Roux Mouton; ZA ID:6110245006003, a CA by Trade) who is on FINAL DEREGISTRATION with his Wilber Financial Trust cc company Reg No:1994-013541-23 is replicating with the same company over the internet that he is an Importer& Exporter of A4papers, Cooking Oil, almonds nd many more to attract attention of international customers and scam them. He will never deliver but SCAVENGING ON THEIR DEPOSIT MONEY.
    His target market is African countries, Europe and Asia according to his internet advertisements.................Don't listen to his spiced advert, he is a SEASONED SCAMMER OF SOUTH AFRICA in that chain of Rashid Ahmed Sibiya and their co-conspirators. He says his company is reliable since 1980.
    For the readers info: This Willie was already in Court on 29 Aug 2014 for ECDC R1.3 million fraud case involving 255 000 two litre bottles of blended cooking oil......................He is not new to those scams

  • leneqi 11 Feb 2016, 04:16 PM

    Ask me about Willie Mouton and his schemes. 0728159274

  • Ndhlakama 11 Feb 2016, 12:16 PM

    Oh Chennyu,these guys are going around with the following companies(some are registered with CIPC and some not) doing their malicious non-delivery scams:1. Atang Suppliers and Distributors, 2.Pab Royal Group,3.Vobmeler, 4.Buvjunotel,5.Mamba Group Import and Export, 6.Trading Mania,7.Manifor Trading,8.Muyanuigong Export,9.Amancho,10.Vo-Import and 11.Atangcho Import and Export(of Eric Voboyi),12 Wilber Financial Trust cc. They have multiple fake websites in which they boast of selling and exporting variety of agricultural products and many more items from EPPING INDUSTRIES in REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA to ALL OVER THE WORLD. On their Invoices they indicate Jan Van Der Merwe as their Accountant.These guys if not brought to book by the AUTHORITY , their acts have potential to destroy RSA genuine businesses reputation and drain the economy too.They target international customers.....The notorious numbers they use are:+27788533720,+27781962249,+27784671264.
    On Alibaba, Vobmeler(Reg.2015/175203/07) appears as verified with South Africa CIPC and is said to have a status of Gold Supplier but that can not blind- fold people to believe that it is genuine company as long as the owner(Eric Melisizwe Voboyi) is a hard-core scammer in the non-delivery scams.
    ***I am convinced that multiple international VICTIMS have laid official charges against these notorious South Africans criminals to attract serious attention of SAPS to break this cancerous chain!!!

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