AMT COMPONENTS and Samantha and Belinda de Beer

THE STAFF / OWNERS ("THE DE BEER FAMILY") OF THIS COMPANIES SITUATED IN DUNDEE or in GLENCOE (KZN) TRADE AS AMT COMPONENTS / ALLMOTIVE TRADING or as ********* or as *************. It seems that yet another company called *********** in Glencoe is also operated by the same individuals. All of these companies are different legal entities. These individuals advertise on the internet that they have available spare parts (WHICH THEY DO NOT HAVE) such as engines, gearboxes, etc for trucks and other vehicles. They then request a deposit or full payment via EFT to "secure" the item for free delivery countrywide within 3 to 4 days. When the money is paid due to their misrepresentations, the items is not delivered and or maybe delivered after many requests, phone calls, emails, etc months later. In the latter case the item delivered may be incorrect or damaged to such an extent that it is not usable - as confirmed by numerous other clients on various websites.. When any item is returned for a refund, NO refunds is made. Even when no delivery is made, they simply do not refund, hoping that the claim will simply disappear or that the client will summons them through the civil courts in which case it becomes a civil claim with very limited possibilities of getting any money as the sheriff usually has to file a nulla bona return - meaning they have nothing to attach to be sold in execution. They will find any excuse not to refund you. Read this carefully --- THEY WILL FIND AN EXCUSE NOT TO REFUND YOU citing that the client paid them to source the item, or that they bought the item especially for the client and now have to sell the item first before a refund could be made, etc, etc,etc..... Their attitude regards refunds is DISPLAYED and confirmed on their INVOICES or ORDERS and also forms part of their terms and conditions. These terms and Conditions are also in violation of the Consumer Protection Act.

The staff members / owners are : BELINDA DE BEER, SAMANTHA DE BEER, PATRICIA DE BEER, MALCOLM DE BEER AND A CERTAIN DEWALT. I PERSONALLY had dealings / telephone conversations with ESPECIALLY BELINDA DE BEER when she was supposedly "employed" by AMT Components (now liquidated). Belinda de Beer knows how to to lie very convincingly and so does her sibling Samantha de Beer. One of their previous companies "Dynamite Diesel" and its staff WAS INVESTIGATED by Carte-Blanche in May 2012 under the heading "Dodgy Diesel - the run around" but not followed up- SEE Facebook. Furthermore the company AMT Components was liquidated in June 2016 but Belinda and Samantha de Beer still keeps on trading with their usual tricks. Various complaints has been filed on "Hellopeter" and on this site and others on the internet to warn any prospective clients. Numerous criminal cases for fraud were opened against them at the Dundee SAPS. Please contact me on 0823712913 for further information. Whatever you do, be careful when doing BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE!!!!!!! Clients are also advised to call any legal practice in Dundee for a reference prior to transacting with these people. You will find that most legal practices in Dundee KZN knows the De Beer Family very well.

Report ID: 14738
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: Nationwide
City/Town: Nationwide
Suburb: Dundee / Glencoe
Address: 10 / 20 Cable street, Dundee, KZN
Crime Date/Time: 4 Jan 2016, 15:01 PM
Reported By: Joachim
Reported Date: 12 May 2016, 15:05 PM
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  • IRS23 30 Sep 2016, 08:15 AM

    Please Contact IRS FORENSIC INVESTIGATIONS on 011 268 6444, we are currently investigating AMT components.

  • Dodgy_Diesels 28 Sep 2016, 05:13 AM

    I had a run in with this family in 2012. Had Carte Blanche do an expose on them. Have numerous letters of refund from them. They stole R48000.00 from my company and have no intention of correcting the situation. Every dog has it's day. I will be back with a follow up from Carte Blanche.

  • Lawless 7 Sep 2016, 01:15 PM

    Solution to all these thieves and their stealing method which is glorified as "SCAMS" is only the government to get out of its way and use the MAXIMUM force to get the victims refunded if plain proof is there..................... The situation is out of hand! It is detrimental to transactions from business-to-business

  • Metalwise 6 Sep 2016, 04:25 PM

    If you have enough money for the high court, why do you not just refund your customers?

  • Boorman 2 Sep 2016, 09:41 AM

    Its been 3 months, no engine, no money. R68 000 for a Cat 3306B. All lies and games. -Belinda de Beer (Flocutt)

  • Tutu99397 17 Aug 2016, 11:51 PM

    Die mense is baie skelm.Familie van my ook n Actros engine gekoop vir R72000 wat nooit gekom het nie in Mei 2016.Ek weet nie hoe hulle slaap nie maar steel kan hulle baie goed doen.En ons het al gebel ,hulle het alles in stock(enige iets wat jy soek.)Net om geld in hul rekening te kry.Dis die ergste wat ek nog gesien het

  • Konkstransport 16 Aug 2016, 02:37 PM

    put down a deposit for Actross truck engine an amount of R35 000.Bellinda de Beer.With an agreement of delivery and payment of remaining amount on delivery.No delivery of engine and no refund from this frauding.She will get what's coming to here

  • Joachim 11 Aug 2016, 10:04 AM

    Not true - Court action is opposed. This is not a slanderous campaign but everything said are based on facts. Other clients together with their telephone numbers with outstanding refunds and undelivered goods can be listed here for all to see Mrs Belinda de Beer - just say the word.

  • flocutt 11 Aug 2016, 09:35 AM

    We have taken action against Joachim Eisenberg in the High court, he has never dealt with Flocutt and therefore cannot be a refrence for flocutt's dealings. Please ignore the slanderous campaign this person has embarked on for more information please contact us directly on 087 550 8132

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