Nathan Naicker

Good day Everyone,

Please stay away from this individual (namely Nathan Naicker). He resides in Durban and has robbed many people of their money by promising investment in Diesel based business.

His wingman in those operations is Neeresh Lutchmen, who assists Nathan in conning new investors into this business. Currently under-investigation by various entities and possibly many cases would be open soon against him for defrauding investors.

It all starts as a discussion towards an investment that can allow you to yield a certain amount paid out per month or per week, as an example a R 100,000 would allow you to yield R 8000 / month. After about 11.5 months, the payments seize to come through and Nathan as well as Neeresh are nowhere to be found. In which case, you will be forced to go to police station, open up cases and hire attorneys - while him and his comrades are busy spending money on other things.

There are many people who have been conned with more than R 500,000 invested into this business with this person who to date have not been receiving their due monies. This person and his "company" is a bit scam.

I hope this message gets to the right person, before they decide to entrust their hard earned monies with this person.


Report ID: 14869
Crime Category: Other
Province: KwaZulu/Natal
City/Town: Please Select
Suburb: Effingham
Address: Commercial Crime Ponzy Scheme
Crime Date/Time: 6 May 2016, 20:05 PM
Reported By: BigMo
Reported Date: 11 Jun 2016, 21:06 PM
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