gross misuse of sars levies

To whom it may concern,
The South African Revenue Services (SARS) collects from 44,000 skills levies in terms of the Skills Development Levy Act No9 of 1999. SARS pays to Merseta R1,3 billion in levies collected from employers. I would like to report gross levels of tax fraud, evasion; corruption; nepotism and outright fraud happening at the Merseta by the CEO Dr Raymond Patel and his senior management team. Listed below are only but some of crimes committed. The list below is not exhaustive as the crimes are ongoing. The period under review stem from the date that Dr Raymond Patel was appointed to date. It was also brought to my attention that Dr Patel ran similar schemes at the Chemical Seta during his tenure there. A very extensive and detail Forensic Investigation by a competent and independent firm is required.
1. Corruption, Dr Raymond Patel has engaged his brother in law Mr Fabian Anthony through various companies to do electrical work at the Merseta Parktown offices at a cost of hundreds of thousand over an extended period. No tender process was followed. All instruction to Mr Anthony was through Dr Patel and or his PA Doreen Mbodla. Mr Anthony is the brother of Dr Patel’s wife Mrs P V Patel. This matter was submitted to the Merseta Vuvuzela Fraud Hotline for action for action. Unfortunately like every other matter negative report that involves Dr Patel, the matter cleverly subdued. Mr Anthony has not declared any of the income generated from Merseta to SARS as prescribed by the income tax act.
2. Corruption and fraud, Dr Patel lives with a Wendy Wal who owns a company called Wal Training. Wal Training is a service provider of the Merseta and is operated from Dr Patel’s residence, 40 Lange Street, Quallerina, Northcliff. The address can be confirmed in The High Court of South Africa South Gauteng Local Division, Johannesburg in the Notice of Motion Case number 18829/15, in Dr Patel’s affidavit .This blatant acts of criminality have been happening for years on end. An example of past acts of criminality was the fact that Ms Wal was mandated to renovate the Merseta KZN office without CIDB registration or skills to back her claim, the entire assignment was subcontracted out. Wendy Wal’s profile can be confirmed on Linkedin. Merseta bank records will proof payments.
3. Fraud, Merseta credit cards, Dr Patel has used Merseta issued credit cards on personal expense, often lavish over a number of years. Dr Patel deliberately failed to maintain proper

Report ID: 15057
Crime Category: Corruption
Province: Gauteng
Address: melville
Crime Date/Time: 3 Apr 2006, 12:04 PM
Reported By: bertram
Reported Date: 5 Aug 2016, 12:08 PM
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