Misuse of sars levies 2

3. Fraud, Merseta credit cards, Dr Patel has used Merseta issued credit cards on personal expense, often lavish over a number of years. Dr Patel deliberately failed to maintain proper records of his binge spending. An investigation will reveal that large amounts are spent at questionable bars and liquors outlet over weekends. Evidence will reveal that some slips were fraudulently presented as meetings with stakeholders and Board members. Mr Andrew Venter will be able to draw the records of all the cards issued to DR Patel over his time with the Seta as well as draw the original documents to support this abuse and fraud. These illicit benefit are never declared to SARS.
4. Nepotism and tax fraud, in the appointment of Mr Neil Lewis as Manager at Merseta. Mr Lewis is a close friend of Dr Patel and has been appoint through this friendship. I have emails confirming this friendship prior his appointment. Mr Lewis also drafted his own job description. Mr Lewis was appoint as a contractor through Dr Patel’s instructions and was paid tax free through the Merseta creditor system. Mr Lewis was even seconded and paid by Merseta to Minister Ibrahim Patel while being paid by Merseta. When question started surfacing about Mr Lewis’s status within the Merseta, Dr Patel ensured that he was made a permanent employee. Cell phone records will corroborate the fact that conversation was prior to his engagement to the Merseta as well as my email. Income tax was only withheld by he Merseta after Mr Lewis was made permanent. The appointment of Lewis was made legitament with the assistance of Hr manager and long time friend Ms Ester Meyer (now van der Linde).

Report ID: 15058
Crime Category: Corruption
Province: Gauteng
Address: melville
Crime Date/Time: 5 Aug 2016, 13:08 PM
Reported By: bertram
Reported Date: 5 Aug 2016, 13:08 PM
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