11. Fraud in that payments are signed off to Umulusi from Merseta by Dr Patel while serving on its council at the same time. The payment were to verify is MVDH was using matriculated student on the ABET program. This service requested by Dr Patel and conducted by Umulusi was not required by Merseta. The funds were defrauded from Merset were disguised unknown purposes. No other provider on the ABET tender program was subjected to the same service. It was made know the Dr Patel’s wife was the real owner behind MVDH. Again this was not declared to SARS.
12. Fraud in that Dr Patel’s now live in girlfriend (Wal Training) share the same address in Northcliff despite her being award various assignments at the Merseta from renovating the KZN office to training. Payments signed off by Dr Patel. This information is kept away from the Merseta board. Not all payment received over the years are declared to SARS.
13. Nepotism and fraud in that Dr Patel appointed the daughter of his long time friend Marcia wright to supply chain. Ms Wrights dad works at Wal Training (Business run at Dr Patel’s home). The entire senior team is involved in the organised crimes amongst many others. This crime is ongoing and it inconceivable how out of touch the board and how deep the rot runs. The CEO and cohorts remain intact and continue unabated. This team of criminals remain evasive.

Report ID: 15072
Crime Category: Corruption
Province: Gauteng
Address: melville
Crime Date/Time: 3 Apr 2006, 09:04 AM
Reported By: bertram
Reported Date: 8 Aug 2016, 09:08 AM
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