The Company Name is Majority Group (Pty) Ltd with reg no. 2016/328983/07 it operates fraudulantly as an Insurance company which provides funeral products.

I Was Recruited by The guy named Musa Royal Matlala who offered me a position to be a Sales Executive for his "company", in his description i was suppose to recruit as many teams of field agents as possible in every Area to sell this Funeral products. I did that i worked myself out my teams worked very hard and we submitted work to him and he never payed me or my agents the money he promised for work done.

This guy doesn't give contracts to employees. There is no appropriate office.

To find out this guy is not even a registered director of the company. The only director is Khulu Gama who was referred to me as Dr Khulu Gama only to find out that She is a 24 year old girl and she is not a Dr. Her picture is attached to this post and the company logo is also attached.

The Company is registered Yes and has an FSP license but everything else its operation is irrational. They are Scammers

So please people be alert as much as you in need of Jobs but please analyse carefully before getting yourself fall victim.

Please pass on the message share with others. I am already a victim i have my reputation ruined because of them. People want their monies they worked for from me.

Please to all people who have took this funeral product please go to banks and reverse all funds taken. And try cancel it at the bank.

Because these people are nothing but Fraudsters.

They let me work hard and never payed me and my Agents so my question is how will they pay claims???

Company is registered under khulu khwezi kwazi Gama and it was registered on 29 July 2016. But the face of all these fraudulent operations is Royal Musa Matlala who is not registered and is untraceable!!! Based on my findings i was able to get his photo.

But since this Khulu Girl faked her title as Dr i am convinced that she is also aware of all Fraud that is happening.

So this is a partnership of scammers/ fraudsters!! Making people slaves and ending up not paying the.

Beware SA mostly KZN

This Guy is a good talker, can convince you to do what he desires and Ladies he has the good looks but don't fall for it. I have aldo attached his photo.

This guy is light skinned lives in durban north 118 lothian road, at his home, this is also the company address!!

Website is

Report ID: 18536
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: KwaZulu/Natal
City/Town: DURBAN
Address: 118 lothain road durban north
Crime Date/Time: 1 Jan 2017, 00:01 AM
Reported By: Victim108809
Reported Date: 17 Jul 2017, 18:07 PM
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