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Dad went missing
Report ID: 2153
Crime Category: Missing Person
Province: Gauteng
Suburb: Eldorsdopark
Address: Eldoradopark
Crime Date/Time: 01 January 2009, 1:00PM
Reported Date: 21 May 2012
Related Link: N/A
The Incident
Aparently my dad,Charles Johnson(57 in 2009) and his girl friend Maggy had alot of ups and downs,my dad told some of our family members that he dont want his girl friend Maggy anymore and wana leave her because she and her relative physicaly abused him,but whats weired is when our family members cross questions her she would give diverent stories and acussed him of having an affair in Kliptown in Eldoradopark,so according to her my dad went to his other girl friend and or he is dead.But then again rumors going around saying my dad and Maggy his girlfriend was suppose to go to Kimberley with his girlfriend Maggy's family who visisted her but she only packed my dads stuff in the car and then my dad ended up going alone and he dont know anyone in kimberley,so according to people Maggy my dads girlfriend whom he lived with planed the who thing to get ride of my dad so please if anyone can help it would be appreciated,Thanks,Its been believed that my dad may be in Kimberley

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01 Jan 2009
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