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False Vehicle Advertising / Deceit / Fraud
Report ID: 2307
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: Western Cape
City/Town: CAPE TOWN
Suburb: Paarden Eiland
Address: 28 Marine Drive, Paarden Eilland, Cape Town
Crime Date/Time: 12 May 2012, 9:30AM
Reported Date: 24 July 2012
Related Link: N/A
The Incident
I bought a car from Autohaus Angel, Paarden Eiland, Cape Town. Before purchase they agreed to fix certain things on the car which they did not yet say they had. They did not disclose other faults on the car when I repeatedly asked. They did an 'inspection' of the vehicle, ticking all relevant boxes, seated behind the desk and not around the car itself.

I soon found out that the car was not a COMFORTLINE as advertised but rather a HIGHLINE. 

The ABS light came on on day 3 of purchase (of which they were to have repaired) and the car broke down on day 6 of purchase (6 malfunctions reported by VW) and has been parked in my garage since with no to very little support from the MIOSA and the NCC at all. 

Both Autohaus Angel and the roadworthy office (Table Bay) have refused to supply me with a valid roadworthy certificate which indicates a valid roadworthy was done. VW  and AA have indicated their concern that the car could never have passed roadworthy due to the condition of the vehicle. The vehicle is unsafe to drive. I have asked over 10 occasions to be put through to customer care, have them send me the roadworthy certificate as well as the diagnostics report they said they did on the car but am yet to receive these. 

On closer inspection I found that the car has not had a full service history as advertised by Autohaus Angle. Once I scrutinised the service book I found it to have missed 3 services.

Autohaus Angel agreed I return the vehicle to fix the issues they had promised to fix in the first place however disregard the fact that they 'Falsely advertised' the vehicle and refuse to give a full refund under these circumstances and per my consumer rights. When I raised the matter of them selling me a HIGHLINE instead of a COMFORTLINE, as advertised, I was told "that was not relevant at this stage".  I have also been accused of altering the vehicle and misusing the vehicle (within a 3 - 6 day period) by Autohaus Angel (defamation of character). They alluded to documented "suspicious' behaviour on my part thus the condition of the vehicle.

Estimated repair costs of vehicle is at R30k, almost half of the purchase price.

I have submitted my post here in the hope that someone of authority will do justice where such fraudulent activity is concerned and have my funds returned to me as per my consumer rights and the dudd vehicle returned to the garage who have been openly deceiving and misleading in selling a car in this condition. 

Companies contacted;
Autohaus Angel themselves - Not forthcoming
Roadworthy Office - Not forthcoming
VW - report given / 6 malfunctions noted
AA - report received
MIOSA - no response
Lawyer - 2 letters sent
NCC - lack of response / lost all my paperwork that had been couriered and signed for
Office of Consumer Protector - Filling out application as of 24 July 2012
Report a Crime - Submitted Crime report as of 24 July 2012

RESULT - Hired a vehicle / Vehicle in question not been driven, parked in garage - unsafe to drive.

Duration since debacle began - 12 May 2012
Progress since debacle - NONE

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12 May 2012
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