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Report ID: 2348
Crime Category: Racism
Province: Western Cape
City/Town: Langebaan
Suburb: N/A
Address: Langebaan
Crime Date/Time: 04 August 2012, 1:00PM
Reported Date: 06 August 2012
Related Link: N/A
The Incident

On the internet, there is horrible racist remarks from an individual lady called Joan v d Merwe towards "black" people, and the government.

On the Facebook page, "langebaan Locals" and on her personal facebook page. She owns another page "south africa from the inside."

She focus on stating that opening shops that cater for "black" people is going to attrack crime and call the business a "shithole."

This damages the tourist attractions to our town, as the pages has hundreds/thousands of members.  Also affects the publicity of a new business opened.

She uses names like "moffie" towards homosexuals.  That was mentioned to myself, with my picture attached,

Hate and crime mail is not acceptable.

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6 Comments for: Racism

Comment by: Langebaan Local

Just for the record what does the sexual preference of the person who filed the complaint got to do with the whole argument?

Date: 11 August 2012

Comment by: Nicole van Zyl

oh please, pick another card! you have totally twisted the entire discussion! you have taken every one of the points she made, mixed them up with things other people said, claimed that it came from her and you have also twisted the entire basis of the discussion - do you realise how much trouble you could get into, legally, for bad mouthing a person so incorrectly as you have done here? you are blatantly out of your depth and seeking attention - you are going about it in a very negative way. if you feel so strongly about 'hate and crime mail' (??!!) then why would you post something so vindictive and out of context? another thing - why are you so concerned about matters in Langebaan when you don't live here??

Date: 8 August 2012

Comment by: Frank Cornelissen

Christelle, suffice to say, I didn't know this person existed before he started his tantrum from Nigeria. My comments are there for all to see and I have no reserve about my views on the feasibility of the place in question. The problem is that your little group burst out in mass hysteria when Joan voiced her concern and went off on a typical tangent of clouding the real issue with unrelated smoke blowing. If you have an issue with my choice of words, inbox me and let me know first hand what offended you and why. I would then have the opportunity to either stand by my comment or graciously retract it. This is the way normal, grown-up people operate in the real world and not by blurting out all sorts of unrelated rubbish when your debating skills are inadequate. My concern is with the issue at hand and this smoke-blowing sideshow of the sexuality of some insignificant party sitting tossing toys in Nigeria, is really besides the point. I also feel that using the auspice of the good name of our town to bolster your house-of cards-argument on the issue is to say the least, pathetic! I also suggest you do some much needed homework on my conduct in general before trying your lame "what are you doing for the community" card. Use it....don't use it......

Date: 7 August 2012

Comment by: Ashley Horowitz

If complainant has problem with racism - why not look into an entire race which is excluded from the economy - now - that is a crime. As for the complaint - it's a petty argument and by no means a crime - even if it was true - which apparently it's not.

Date: 7 August 2012

Comment by: Christelle

Frank in all do respect but a lot of people saw what Joan did to the person about his homosexuality!One do get something like an INBOX hey.Does this really not concern him? I would think it would! We do not worry about sexuality or nationality we are a caring community, lets rather help people in need, realize how cold it is? Why not start a something to help,instead of insulting and debating on things. Sorry to say but her remarks and YOURS as well regarding the place that has opened lead to attacking people personally! Off course people are going to stand up for what they believe as did you when you and Joan said those things, do we really have to publish to the whole world! LET PEOPLE BE.... after all that has been said nothing has come from it just feelings that got hurt! I will not allow our beautiful town to be put into bad light like this!!!

Date: 7 August 2012

Comment by: Frank Cornelissen

I reside in Langebaan and was part and parcel of this whole storm in a teacup. The author of this post is an attention seeker deluxe as none of his deductions about the crux of the original post is finding the mark. My advise would be for him to engage in meaningful debate about this issue with the relevant people instead of embarking on this childish notion that has all the qualities of a vindictive tantrum. And seeing that he doesn't reside in Langebaan on a permanent basis, maybe spreading some goodwill closer to his new home would be more productive than shrieking over thousands of kilometers on something that hardly concerns him.

Date: 7 August 2012

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04 Aug 2012
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