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jewellery theft
Report ID: 2349
Crime Category: Robbery
Province: Gauteng
Suburb: waverley
Address: 1214 collins avenue, waverley, pretoria
Crime Date/Time: 31 July 2012, 11:30PM
Reported Date: 06 August 2012
Related Link: N/A
The Incident
Mr Danie Kruger lived in my house for the last two months as my  boyfriend. He suggested that I resign from work as he is expecting a third party claim and will take care of me financially. On 31 July 2012, I left the house for my last day at the office. at 11h35 Mr Kruger phoned me, he told me that he will be working on a site in Rooiwal and that his parents are to arrive at Pretoria station at 15h00 that afternoon. Would I mind fetching them. I asked for the contact no of his parents, he replied that we would phone me back. I waited at the station till 19h30 that evening. His parents did not arrive. When I got home I noted that Mr Kruger removed all his personal belongings from the main bedroom. I went to my safe and tried to open the safe, I could not open the safe. Mr Kruger installed the safe a month ago, he also knew the code to the safe. I asked my tenant living in my garden flat to try and open the safe. He had to remove the safe and break it open. Mr Kruger opened the safe, removed my jewellery, removed the batteries and then locked the safe with the override key. I reported the case to Villieria police Station. Replacement value of the jewellery is R236 000.00, Mr Kruger told one of my casual worker's (a tiler)that he must charge his cellphone and drive with him to a site on the moloto road where Mr Kruger used to stay, they will come back to my house to collect his phone. Arriving at the farm, Mr Kruger packed some more clothes. He then drove to Bronkhorstspruit where he paid a Metro Police office R1000.00 for a driver's licence as he did not have a licence.  On1/8/2012 Mr Kruger phoned from a private number, I asked him about my jewellery, he told me it is safe with him, he will return it. On 3/8/2012, I received a call from St Lucia Police station, My tiler was with them, Mr Kruger left him in St Lucia and disappeared. My tiler confirmed that Mr Kruger showed him my jewellery. He drives a mazda drifter REG: MWJ825GP, WHITE, 2001 MODEL.
Mr Kruger is a short man, has a scar on the right side of his face, numerous scars on his arms and legs due to motorbike accident.

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Comment by: Iwan

Theft or over R35000 in Kuilsrivier under the name of J.P. Voster Have last known ad: Collins Avenue 1214 Waverley Pretoria 0186 If anyone has any additional info please contact I. Kemp on (021) 981 0300

Date: 10 January 2013

Comment by: charmiane mok

case nr: 532/07/2012 constable Zulu is the investigating officer. Case opened at Villieria police Station. 012 333 6005

Date: 8 August 2012

Comment by: charmiane mok

absa bank debit card in name of c. mok is also in his possession

Date: 6 August 2012

Comment by: charmiane mok

description of lewellery: 1 x sun moon and star ring - gold is shaped like a halfmoon and then surrounded by diamond s of various sizes representing stars - value R56500.00 1 x diamant and blue saphire ring - square shape diamond in centre, 2 x saphire squares on both sides with smaller diamonds between the centre piece and the saphires. value R32000 8 strings of pearls - various lengths. 1 x hollow core bracelet - gold - the name ESME is engraved on the bracelet. Gold charmbracelet, 9ct gold chains, mabe ring embedded in diamonds, mabe earrings swt in gold. antique ruby ring, italian coin set in 9ct gold as pendant. 3 x 9ct hollow hearts. 1 bulcher bracelet - chain with heart as a clasp. gold and mabe pendant - spiral with mabe in the middle pearl braclet with gold spacers between pearls 1 x diamond ring in shape of horseshoe 2 9ct gold chains - curb and herringbone

Date: 6 August 2012

Comment by: charmiane mok

Mr Kruger was previously in Polsmoore prison for theft related issued. He is a handyman and trades as ALLES IN EEN NUTSMAN

Date: 6 August 2012

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31 Jul 2012
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