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Comment by: Shezi

Wow- with all this scams I think a lot of Saouth Africans are rich by now - LOL! How stupid do they think we are? I don't even have a Nokia phone and did not enter any competition but won R95 000.00 and must call Mrs Sharon on 0604655188 - CEll C?????? Ref 0166p - very popular number

Date: 19 March 2014

Comment by: Thea

The message I have just received is from Rose telling me my mobile number has won R175 000-00. Gee, if only that was true, I could so use that money right now. Is there no way to stop these people?

Date: 2 August 2013

Comment by: motsamai

I just received an sms saying I had won R155 000 & nOKIA E65,To claim in a Nokia Promotion i must buy a R100 airtime send an SMS with my details reference number recharge pin and the cheaque will be send to my address in the next three days. The number that sent the sms was 0834377746/0728249203. The number I had to call was for a girl called MELESA These people are scamming people.

Date: 26 October 2012

Comment by: arnold

I received an sms to day 22/10/2012 u cell phone no has won the sum of R155.000 & nokia E65 phone in the nokia promo Activate Ref to claim call LUKE or MELESA 0834377746 / 0973689247 can this be true

Date: 22 October 2012

Comment by: vidit parashar

I have received an sms thar your mobile no has won 500,000 pound in on going Nokia promo 2012,at my phone no. 9953224411, is it correct or not

Date: 20 October 2012

Comment by: Chantelle

I also got the same as Riekie

Date: 17 October 2012

Comment by: Riekie

I also received a sms like this. CONGRATULATIONS:- Your Cell No.was randomly selected on Nokia PROMOTION. You won R95,000. Ticket No.0166P. Call Mrs.Precious 0735230213. From 8am to 5pm

Date: 17 October 2012

Comment by: Terri

I received an sms today saying I had won R450 000.00 on Nokia Promotion ticket number 0166P for claim call Mrs Lucia Khumalo on 0733659931.

Date: 15 October 2012

Comment by: Richard

I just received a similar sms to above saying I HAD WON 250000 NUMBER TO CALL IS 0717199667. TICKET NUMBER 0166P. How do these idiots get our numbers is what I would like to no.

Date: 25 September 2012

Comment by: Petro

I have recieved an sms during the night. That I have won R195 000 and I must call 0739858674 and that I have won a Nokia C3. I must go and buy airtime but may not use it,I must phone her and give it to her because this is for regestring my name.

Date: 7 September 2012

Comment by: Gail

Oooh - that ticket number 0166P is popular ! (SMS just received by me) and dear Portia on 071 930 5838 really needs to find an honest job to do.

Date: 7 September 2012

Comment by: Sylvia

receiving the same sms scam over and over again - think these people underestimate our intelligence. best of luck to the suckers who still believe that these promotions actually exist.

Date: 6 September 2012

Comment by: Anton

your cell nr was among the lucky winners of R250000 on this year's Nokia promotion, with ticket nr. 0166p. Received this message from 0817568294. To claim your prize call 0717199667 to claim prize. Scamsters!!beware.

Date: 5 September 2012

Comment by: Gina

Annah is a busy lady...I also received a sms...same content as Zak

Date: 5 September 2012

Comment by: Benny

I have recieved an sms regarding the Nokia promotion and it says i have won R450,000 how dare you think you have won whilst you know that you did not play any comptetion. And if you have won why must you buy an MTN recharge card of R275 and send it through to them. It's a scamm these people are sick. They want to take your hard earned money just like that!!!!!!

Date: 4 September 2012

Comment by: Aubrey

Its true I had also received this SMS where they told me that I had won R195000 and I did call the lady by the of Mrs N Kate on 0738225942 she confirmed my wining she requested my bank account and I realised that she is a big criminal I gave her wrong number that came to my mind.They must to look for reale jobs its hard for us working class to wake up in the morning for our families and only to find there people who want to draw our hard earned cash easy like that,it won't happened. So easy sorry.

Date: 3 September 2012

Comment by: Yolanda

I recevied the same message to call Rose 0781034175 with ref 0029GP and was told to call back in 5min. my question is this is my new no where do they get our numbers from??

Date: 30 August 2012

Comment by: Thembi frm Dbn

Jst received n sms for second tym saing I hev won R175000 Ref 0029GP frm 07817455468 & to co Rose on 0781034175. I called & lady told me to col after 5min to check my ref, dats where I realised its a scam. I've decided to google abt it & I got dis is a scam. Pls guys don't be manipulated by diz criminals

Date: 29 August 2012

Comment by: Chris

Received this: Congratulations! Ur sim no won R150,000 & nokia E72 in our nokia promo with ref no ZNK012 for claims call miss Caroline on 0724618556 for ref activation thank u - Are these people dumb or are there really some even dumber people out there that will believe this scam? Nokia will never write their brand name without capital N!! And also "Ur" in stead of "Your".. Obviously a scam!

Date: 28 August 2012

Comment by: zak

i also received the sms this morning that i won 195.000 on nokia promotion ticket no 0166p for claim call annah 0719619164 call 8am to 5pm also a big scam

Date: 24 August 2012

Comment by: zak

i also received the sms this morning that i 195.000 on nokia promotion ticket no 0166p for claim call annah 0719619164 call 8am to 5pm also a big scam

Date: 24 August 2012

Comment by: Audrey vd Merwe

Received sms this morning claiming I had won R350 ooo.Contact Mr Williams 0719432502, 0798324619. Received similar sms in July saying I had won a car. Also a big scam.

Date: 21 August 2012

Comment by: Dawie

THIS IS A SCAM BE AWARE I also received a message this morning stated that I won R295 000.00 in the Nokia promo ref no.UK409SA call miss Lindewe on 0733529027 to claim your prize.So I called them ,you now must go to your nearest mtn shop and buy R180.00 worth of airtime and sms the details through to them.

Date: 21 August 2012

Comment by: lerato mashishi

i also find sms sating i've won R175 000 in nokia yearly promotion, your ref No:0029GP contact the agent mrs. Rose on 078 103 4175 the message no IS 081 246 8270

Date: 21 August 2012

Comment by: Riaan

This is realy a scamming,i also got that sms on my mtn number that i didn't give to anyone.."Congratulations! ur sim no won R150,000 & nokia E72 in our nokia promo with ref no ZNK012 for claims call miss Caroline on 0724618556 for ref activation thank u" This is the sms i got...

Date: 20 August 2012

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