Ex-Boyfriend Keeps phoning on my Home/Business Ph

Dear Sir/Madam,"The Picture above is the present photo of the ex-boyfriend."I have broken up with an ex-boyfriend going back 7 months from now. He lived in with me for four months but things got out of control with him going to the bar every evening to drink and then come home at nine pm. He caused havoc and disturbance with both my parents and borrowed Money from my father of about R1000.00 cash of which he asked my father not to say anything to me about it and  that he would pay my father back the money, instead I had to have an argument with him before he finally paid up. But it got worse taxing me emotionaly,Physically and work/career, family wise.So he was renting with me yet he did not pay the full amount of R3000. but only R2500. Anyway Things were going from bad to worse so I decided no more and  emailed him at work that he must look for another place within two weeks time. He argued that wont a place in time so I told him like he has kept telling me for months make a plan, I threw his own words back at him. Told him to look for a place on gumtree there are always places available.  Its a long story but to cut to the chase of it all. He Moved in friends who live close to my home and started sending messages of that he went to his old flame and how much better she is to him than I was to him.I tried to fix the relationship but it kept shattering to pieces and the above part was the last straw for me to turn me cold against him. I let him go yet he left his belonings in my house. So a Woman friend came over to help move his things out of my place to the Garage and we both together gave him an ultimatum to come fetch his things on that day,work day or no work day cause on weekends he jolls and drinks. Well he threatened me in those months that we dated that if I left him he would find or he would harm my folks or my dog. You see he is French and works with a French Boss within the company. They deal ships/Piracy and run a company called ABL Labratories Cutting Oils and another one in Johannesburg which my ex-boyfriend Christophe Raffray sole responsibility, called CBL something.In the last seven months now I have kept to my own business and moved on with my life. Yet Christophe Raffray kept phoning on and only at the time I didnt realize its him cause always puts the phone down after listening who is speaking etc. Then One Sunday Afternoon I was in the office of my house with my father next to me and the phone rings, I pick it up same as before listens breathes but instead of haning up he speaks asking  if had a remote control of his work place ...silence follows Im in shock to hear his voice and secondly that he is asking about whether any of his stuff is still my place  after two months at the time. I replied no that I had nothing of him in my home and want nothing of him or from him. He asked why did I cut him off on the bbm list on my phone too so I told cause he was making me sick with how much more in love he is with the new woman in his present life. Then he told me yeah but you kicked me out of the house .... I gathered my thoughts and told him calmly as I could that I had given more than enough legal time to find another place etc.Look He still gives my Cell number out to strange businesses as  I am a enterprenuer and self-employed woman. It started again this Monday and his phone calls to my house has started again this week.I am out of my depths here so I come to you asking what is the best options for to take with this situation right now as I cant think what else to do or who else to turn to for help any more. Yesterday I was told to get a restraining order on him etc.Is that my only option then?...Please can you guide into the right channels of how to further proceed from on in cuase this situation is not coming to an end at all.Ex-boyfriend Profile: His Full Names: Christophe,Albert,Henry RaffrayBorn on: 13/September/1967He was born in France originally but moved to the S.A when he was Nine.He works in Waterfall,Brackenhill rd. in a complex workshop area around there. Its a Blue and White bulding place with a iron gate in front. Dont know if you would like more info or not but please if you have any other questions just email me. Thank you for your time and help.A. J

Report ID: 2621
Crime Category: Other
Province: KwaZulu/Natal
City/Town: DURBAN
Suburb: West,Hillcrest
Address: West Riding
Crime Date/Time: 11 Oct 2012, 00:10 AM
Reported By: Username2621
Reported Date: 11 Oct 2012, 13:10 PM
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