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Fraudulent Prize offer - Mobile Global Promo
Report ID: 3591
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: Western Cape
City/Town: CAPE TOWN
Suburb: Parow
Address: Voortrekker Road opp Parow CID
Crime Date/Time: 05 April 2013, 12:00PM
Reported Date: 09 April 2013
Related Link: N/A
The Incident
Message received from a number 0741364561 stating "Your Mobile has won R195,000 in the 2013 Global Mobile Promo . Ref 009nyp . For claims Contact Mrs Gloria Mbatha 0733909510 - did a credit check on this cell no at all Credit Bureaux - not ever been used in a credit application and neither has the sending cell phone 0741364561

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9 Comments for: Fraudulent Prize offer - Mobile Global Promo

Comment by: Dagmar

Congratulations, your phone number has won R1 000 000 in global mobile promo, to claim call Mr Edward Evers (Pin: Code 1986UK) Tel: 081054 3370 Fax: 086 7677817 Date received: 24/02/2014

Date: 25 February 2014

Comment by: Alfrieda

Congratulations! Your mobile number has won R275,000 in 2013 Global mobile promotions, ref no:021SA, to claim your prize contact Mrs. F. Khumalo on: 0738237970. I was so shock by this massage that,my mind was totally away from everything,but afterwards I was thinking about the fraudelant.I receive this massage on the 12 November 2013.

Date: 12 November 2013

Comment by: Chris Nchwe

received a massage on 14 /08/2013: Congradulations your mobile number has worn R 275 000 in 2013 Global mobile promotions, ref no 119MGP, to claim your prize contact Mrs. F Khumalo on 0738237970 at 13:31. your mobile number with a refrencence no 012NYP has won 175 000 to claim your prize contact MRs LeratoMbau ( 07/08/2013 at12:18

Date: 20 August 2013

Comment by: Nellykay

Got da same sms twice ths month nd it says i should call Jennifer mabaso to claim

Date: 13 August 2013

Comment by: medeke

received the sms this morning on 02/08/2013:Congratulations 2013 global mobile promo has worn R175,000 ref no 008GPR FOR CLAIMS TO CONTACT mrs SARAH NDABA on 0738948720. i believe this is scam.

Date: 2 August 2013

Comment by: zuma

Received an sms message congratulating my winning number,ref:091MGP on 03/06/2013.

Date: 3 June 2013

Comment by: Rachel

I received the EXACT same sms as JC, same reference number and contact details at 09:00 on Friday 31/05/2013.

Date: 31 May 2013

Comment by: JC

I received the following sms on the 14/05/2013: "Congratulations!! Your mobile number has won R175,000 in 2013 Global Mobile Promotion Ref no 018GMP for claims contact Mrs. Cyntia Mathole on 0787626898" from mobile no. 0761419192. I suggested they donate it to the Nigerian Palookas Fund. The lady put the phone down before I could get any more information. I think that was very rude of her.

Date: 14 May 2013

Comment by: kesh

Received a similar sms now stating "congradulations!! Your mobile number has won R250 000 in the 2013 mobile global promo. Ref no 0029. Claims contact zandile wiliams on 0710287660.sms came from 27812786244....knew it was a scam .

Date: 9 May 2013

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05 Apr 2013
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