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cell phone Rica competition
Report ID: 3659
Crime Category: Other
Province: Gauteng
Suburb: Gardens
Address: cel
Crime Date/Time: 07 April 2013, 2:30PM
Reported Date: 17 April 2013
Related Link: N/A
The Incident

recieved a sms saying the following: RICA: Your Mobile Number has won R450,000 in this yar RICA Promo HELD in UK with RefNo:0078K,call LISA or MARK @0737413604 or

I called them and a Donald Duck voice asked me how do I want my price- either paid into my bank account(then they wanted my banking details) or delivered by courier to my house adres , which I gave -  I went and check RICA on the web and I saw that it was supposedly a scam!

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4 Comments for: cell phone Rica competition

Comment by: Clarence

My mothere got an sms telling her that she won R350,000 and she must deposit some money so the finecial officer can realise the money in to her account she deposited the money then they paid her with a chaque but they then said that she needs to deposit another amount of money so that she can go to the bank and get that R350,000. Thats when she sent that amount of money but then money did not run throug thats when they askd her to deposit agen. I stopd her coz i saw that they were scaming her. Pleas find these people befor they kill someone for money.

Date: 20 August 2013

Comment by: Milton

My friends, I am West African. Please, do not be misled. No lottery company in South Africa will appoint a West African to work with them. And if you have not entered any lottery, do not expect to be called up for any wins. And of course, RICA is a public entity. It will NOT give you "winnings". Why will they have to do so? No SIM cards will work without RICA so why do they have to give you ANYTHING in return for registering. Guys, these are THIEVES! I agree that some of them are discriminated against in the work environment and denied permits to work. HOWEVER, they have NO MORAL JUSTIFICATION to do this kind of job. So please, DO NOT EVEN FOLLOW UP TO SUCH MAILS!

Date: 5 May 2013

Comment by: mahlaba james

i james mahlaba i am from free state zamdela pls i need my money back.i wil reward u people if i can get help.

Date: 26 April 2013

Comment by: mahlaba james

i james mahlaba received the message saying my number has won for me 75000 i must call to claim the price.i do call mr tony william as my agent.he ask me which way i would like to get paid cheque or money will be transfered into my account.i give them my account.i pay about 37000.and i c that they jst taking my money for pls i need help to get my money back number is 0720233156 pls help bcause today they say i must pay 24000 so they can transfer the money into my account.

Date: 26 April 2013

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07 Apr 2013
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