dear Sir / Mam,
i am staying in fordsburg, on 11th of april 2013 my sisters went to "bismillah restaurant" based at 78 mint road , fordsburg johannesburg. the car guards on 78 mint road approach to my sister in group and misbehave , few of the also touch to her private parts and try to do physical harassment. and then they snatched a golden neck chain worth of 15,000 zar with tanzanite  stone , immediately after snatching the chain they run away to old building just across the road to 78 mint road opposite to akhalwaya's fish n chips. while we come to know the incident immediately we tried to call police but as usual they start asking us numerous unwanted questions and delayed the help saying we have noted your complaint and someone will be with shortly. while we realized that police are helpless we been to building where all of them were hidden immediately a group of peoples crowd came from that building and tried to threat us they all are young and strong car guards. while we saw group of car guards we step back as we were frighten . again after few hours police came there and we told them that this is a place where all of them are hidden and my sister and people around here who owns shop do remember there face and can easily recognized them but police refused to go inside the building and said we have report the case and our team will take necessary  step you don't need to teach us our job we knows how to deal with crime. dear , imagine how will you feel when your family is robbed by group of car guards and they tried to rape her? well after that one of the police officer told us that we knew who these people are just pay them 1000 rand they are agreed to returned your golden chain and tanzanite stone. can you believe this?? are these police or broker>?? same day i came to know that just few days back same thing happened with german tourist who parked there car on mint road and same car guards broke glass and theft there dollar , passports, and tickets while report to police .. police ask car guards to return passports and ticket only to german tourist and forced them to pay 800 rand to car guards and 2000 rand they charged as they helped them to get passports back from car guards. people saw german tourist were bagging money to shop owner for temporarily and they gave car keys to shop owner who borrowed them 2800 rand as there is no near ATM and they were so freighten to go here and there. we also come to know that more than 40 cars been stolen from that same 78 mint road street and same people are involved but johnforster and brixton police are saying they are helpless to prevent against this crime and they dont wont to arrest this car guards , we also came to know that whatever robbery are made by this car guards on this street police have valid stake in that and this activities been held with support of local police. you can check your own crime records on 78 mint road registered at johnforster and brixton in last 3 moths and you will definitely agree with above matters, Sir, we know that we can seek help from our lawyer and come and fight against this corruption and crime openly but we are really afraid so far these police and car guards knows us very well and they can go to any limit to take revenge. we swear there is nothing here to lie or provide you false information but we are really tired and seeking help from right department, all the conversation are recorded if we really dont receive any help from department we contacted we will have to take matter to news and media , there are cctv camera footage available from corner shop who  monitor cctv for there own safety and johnforster police can easily take an action but they wont take action against there own business. the same car guards who robbed are freely roaming on street and still staying at the same building.please we beg you and request you to take an action and investigate the matter.

Report ID: 3724
Crime Category: Corruption
Province: Gauteng
Suburb: 78 mintroad fordsbur
Address: new town
Crime Date/Time: 11 Apr 2013, 00:04 AM
Reported By: Username3724
Reported Date: 29 Apr 2013, 13:04 PM
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  • hoosen2 18 Jul 2014, 12:59 AM

    I'm really very sorry to hear off the incidents that take place in the fordsburg mayfair area please if any 1 needs help dealing with the car guards please contact 0849878675 we willing to help. Really sorry 2 hear about the lady harassed and robbed on mint road please if u still need us call us we are really tired off all these criminal thanks

  • Rob2 30 Apr 2014, 12:15 AM

    Good luck with that, from my experience don't expect too much.

  • muneer 20 Aug 2013, 12:50 AM

    hey the police are guilty by your story of two offence accessory after the fact that is an accomplice of the robbers as he struck a agreement of the return of the necklace. secondly they are also guilty of not conducting the duty of a police officer which is a crime of the code of conduct . report it to independent commission or public protector to investigate but first go to police station and speak to the station commander

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