Illegal tenants dealing drugs

Middle aged male with mental disability, lives alone, has been using Mandrax for years. No family members are showing interest in this mans wellbeing.Recently he was lured into using cocaine and heroine and brainwashed to avail his home for illegal drug dealing by gangsters. His home has now become a dwelling for the gangsters and drug users. He accommodates them as long as they can supply his fix for the day. This matter has been reported to local authorities but they are unable to make arrests due to lack of evidence. Though the drug dealing occurs in broad daylight, there never seems to be physical presence thereof when the police show up. All other neighbours are suspecting that the drug dealers are increasing in the area and more then 3 houses in this block now stores drugs. We live in fear of our lives because drug addicts resort to violence and even murder just to fund their next fix.Your soonest assistance will be greatly appreciated  

Report ID: 3859
Crime Category: Drugs
Province: Western Cape
City/Town: CAPE TOWN
Suburb: Hanover Park
Address: 2A Geneva Place Hanover Park
Crime Date/Time: 1 Jan 2013, 00:01 AM
Reported By: Username3859
Reported Date: 28 May 2013, 16:05 PM
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  • paulo2 30 May 2013, 01:30 PM

    hi ther, i stay in sea point and went to a restaurant called the dutchess on main rd, i have seen drug dealing inside the restaurant very often and a lot of it,the person that deals the drugs in ther is called robin williams,and the owner of the place is also involved. if u interested i would have more info for you, u can reply via email to me.

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