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To whom it may concern,In my search for a pedigree Bulldog I came across a website that offers a variety of pedigree puppies at a fraction of the price.These are the usual internet scams whereby the criminals request payment before seeing or receiving goods.The site gives the option to select the type and breed you are looking for in whatever province you prefer however once you email them, surprise!  They are in Kimberly if you in Cape Town or the North West and vice versa.They first request your details as to ascertain as to where you are and what breed you are looking  for so that they can always make sure when replying that they are too far for you to view the animals and seen as they have put all sorts of breeds on the site they need to know what one you are talking about. They claim that most of the animals advertised on the site come from KUSA registered breeders which is not the case!The numbers on the site do not work, made up or use by the criminals. After numerous attempts to get one of the numbers that are used by them, I got thru to a Nigerian man and asked him where he was. He said he was in Kimberly to which I replied so am I and would love to come over rite now and see the puppy advertised. He then said he wasn’t home and would call me back, which he did not. (0737255932)I continued to correspond with what sounded like two different Nigerian men as I wanted to get as much information as possible from them on how they worked this scheme.I was given bank details. All in the names of persons who most probably don’t know what their accounts are being used for. After taking the information to a Standard Bank branch and showing them the information and speaking to their consultant and fraud division they confirmed that these were new accounts and where most probably opened with false or stolen identity documents. Many of these fraudsters solicit unsuspecting people from the rural areas to open accounts in their names and then the fraudsters take control of these accounts. As soon as the victim discovers he or she has been had and does report the incident.  The account is frozen but more times than not, the money is instantly withdrawn by the fraudsters and then moves on to the next account.I made a request for these fraudsters to send me a copy of their identity documents before I made any payments which were sent without hesitation and received with shock and amusement in that some were clearly and very badly altered and all white males!They also not particular about what bank you are with as they seem to have this set up in every bank.The site itself is set up by these fraudsters as there is no way of contacting whoever is operating the site. These sites must be shut down immediately and all relevant contacts, departments and affiliates to your organisation should be warned about these types of scams and in particular, these web sites! When searching on Google “puppies for sale” their web site pops rite to the top of the result page.  The following sites vary slightly but all look and work exactly the same. www.puppiesforsale.co.za   www.getpuppiesforsale.co.za   www.puppies4sale.co.za I am sending this information to all the authorities, media and organisations as there needs to be more aggressive approach and commitment by the authorities against fraud and corruption.I have all the cell numbers and correspondence which is available on request.Please send this message to everyone you know and a reminder to all, this scam is not new!It is only the subject that changes but the method stays the same!

Report ID: 3862
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: Western Cape
City/Town: CAPE TOWN
Suburb: Claremont
Address: N/A
Crime Date/Time: 28 May 2013, 00:05 AM
Reported By: Username3862
Reported Date: 28 May 2013, 20:05 PM
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