Satanic Sect acting inEngland mainly in London,

I am sending you this reports at a random because they are watching me.I sent to other pólice offces because you may be more familiar with cases like this.In London pólice offices are manipulated by this family and they are trying to victimise pólice officers everywhere through Skipe and to forward information internationally to blame others through Time viewerPlease agknoledge everyone in your country and abroad.
I am reporting Ghezawi´s family (Salam, Donna and Saddiq)see salam Ghezawi images in google( 67 Hartland Rd London Nw6) since 2010 when I rented a room in their stolen house they have been doing this  for 44 years and are approaching the council to say is me the one that has done all their crimes.
who do rituals sacrifices and pacts with the devil to watch people, steal even houses and manipulate information to blame others.
They send lots of reports against me with my data or other victims data to get away with everything.
PLEASE AVOID SKIPE, they can victimise all the office if they contact one person trough Skipe, they have victimised pólice officers in Barcelona, in Brasil and in England like Great Yarmouth or Netherlands this last one thruough Skipe fromScotland Yard in Lond
They are attacking the circle i had in London, and manipulating pólice offices in London even Interpol, they ritualise the pólice office and have Access to their computers as well as the council and Banks, they are DELITING DATA of people i worked with or i know like
Karen Fuller buyer living in Lynton Rd Nw6 and
Katy whyte both working in Jigsaw H.o., they want to steal their houses
Nick Webb living in 5-5th Sinclair rd w14 onr
Mohamed Ansary living in 37 Sommerset rd in Walthamstow
Agustin Gonzalez Lancharro working in Alperton
They doFAKE VIDEOS of what they think with the faces of victims they are sending videos about us using police stations
If they see someone they victimise that person to whatch what they are doing and when this person is around his circle they victimise everyone to watch everyone, they can communicate with them and they can ritualised them to use their phones and send messages to all their contacts saying that is someone else.Also can place stolen phones or evidences of people they have killed and injecting heroin n victims to blame them.
They approached Buckinham Palace Guards and are watching the royal family, they want to communicate and send sick fake videos about my family and Jigsaw, they want to attak Kate Middleton she worked for JIgsaw too and Knows Karen and Katy.
Please forward this internationally avoiding London to act from behind and please PROTECT who is going to see victims or them in person africans or americans may be know how to do so.
Ghezawi want to come to Spain and delete all our family data that you can see now but not when they come. Please check the data of my family or the people mentioned above and record it because they want to delete it to steal and blame others with fake videos to make us pay for they killings. They pay taxes but all their data is fake they say that they have put 67 Hartland Rd on my name, stolen house24 years ago probably doing the same.They are in Maida Vale now they ritualised all the family and police.
Now they say that they are changing their faces with rituals , but they are attacking my circle in London and their famiies.
They hacked my e-mail since the 17 of april as well as Karen to send even reports from her house, I only opened mine from Spainthey can pop in the houses of victims who are not protected like mine or pólice offices victimised
I would like to suggest to please AVOID SKIPE and avoid to install TIMEVIEWER between pólice stations because Ghezawi (Salam, Donna and Saddiq) are suggesting this from England, Barcelona and Lybia pólice stations to other countries in order to blame and delete information of inocent people.
They are saying that they deleted information of
Karen Fuller
Katy Whyte and change their surnames to Ghezawi(both were working for JIGsaw in London.and
Agustin Gonzalez Lancharro in London and in Barcelona to all his family

Please forward this INTERNATIONALLY and to Spain they are very dangerous and want to ritualise anyone who try to help, they are attacking the circle i had in London
Nick Webb living in 5-5th floor in Sinclair rd in W14 all hs family is ritualised at the moment and probably his Street as well
Mohammed Ansary and his family and
Andrea Ridolfo (área Manager from JIgsaw)
Please call any Jigsaw branch in London and ask for Karen Fuller or Andrea Ridolfo because they knew that this family is doing this and they told the H.O. I think both have been ritualised, Ghezawi lie a lot and ritualise and desritualise at their convenience but they are assesins and are doing rituals and sacrificies to steal, manipulate kill and blame others for everything.
They want to do the same with my family from Barcelona sending FAKE VIDEOS about my family or JIGSAW and asking them to search my family to delete all our working life and data and to change our surname to Ghezawi.
They say that properties they steal in London are under the names of my family with their surname like Teresa Ghezawi, or Oscar Ghezawi or Karen Ghezawi.
All their data is fake and have been paying taxes to hide in a company that Salam Ghezawi said was the owner director but he was always at home when they rented me a room in their stolen house in 67 Hartland Rd NW6 6BH in London.
This company was called openskies and then called ELS Group and now they are saying that this company is on my name

You can check many things on the phone but if you approach them i person please make sure you are PROTECTED, africans and americans or even asians know how to deal with cases like this
They are sending lots of reports in my name and in the name of lots of people they are watching to confuse.They are threatened me to kill me and all my family and to make us pay to Jigsaw in London and my environment for everything they are doing they are killing polic officers in London who knew where they but because they do rituals to revive that person and is  ritualised forever(as a vegetable)people doesn´t notice

Report ID: 6488
Crime Category: Other
Province: North West
City/Town: Mooinooi
Suburb: N/A
Address: 67Hartland Rd Nw6 6BH London
Crime Date/Time: 7 Jun 2014, 00:06 AM
Reported By: Username7341
Reported Date: 7 Jun 2014, 20:06 PM
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