Satanic Sect acting in London, Libya, Barcelona

I would like to add to the report against this family Ghezawi (Salam from Libya, Donna from Hull and Saddiq) who do pacts with the devil to watch and steal from people.They are addicts to heroin and cocaine they victimised drug dealers to steal their drugs and money. Donna 60 and her son Saddiq,24 have sex after taking heroin, Donna has sacarified 11 new born babies she had but also animals and people to do rituals they even say that they have cooked people to eatThey are victimising people everywhere and communicating mentally with few. They have stolen police officer suits and have approached the council, the NHS, Banks and my university South Bank University in London to ask about me and to find out who knows me to victimise them and to steal everything from them. They know all my data and have all my statements, they have killed and stolen everything from two persons (who I paid council taxes with) and their families. Mohammed Ansari who was working in the IT department of a Bank in the city and his family who was living in 37 Sommerset Rd in E17 London, their telephone numbers do not exit since september i contacted police and they told me that they were refurnishing and that it was up to them to call me or let me know if they leave the country. Ghezawi are  threatening  to kill all my circle people i lived with and worked with to prove I am the one doing pacts with the devil and to blame me and my family  for everything.The other person i paid council taxes with was Nick Weeb who lived in 55 or 5 Sinclair Rd W14 and was working in a well Known State Agent, he had two kids less than 5 years old and his young family and parents who lived in Devon are missing. Ghezawi are getting away with everything because they see what a victim sees and thinks and they use this to use their mobiles and to send mms to all their contacts saying that they are leaving the country or something similar to steal everything from them even their houses.Ghezawi say that they are putting stolen houses in my family names and that they will make my family to pay for everything they do.In police officer suits they have also approached people who they victimised to cheat them and do pacts with them, they ask them to sing a document in order to protect them against this people watching them. This victims can also see what victims see and think but also see what Ghezawi do. And because now they do know everything about Ghezawi they are threatening them to ritualise them if they tell police.If Ghezawi victimise someone this victim can victimise people they talk to or see in person or through skipe and Ghezawi can see everything these victims see and think and communicate with them mentally if they wish.That's how they watch entire companies like Jigsaw in England and Dublin, Burberry, Apple and other expensive brands. Through the staff they watch customers and victimise them to steal everything from them, they can steal anything small from any victim without being seen and without moving from their house and i believe that they go to the bank with customers cards and ritualise the cashier to empty bank acc. to cero. Ritualised people is not aware of anything and do not remember anything but is still able to do their job.They are also watching police officers in Queen's Park they rented me a room in their house in 2010 in 67 Hartland Rd, that year when i first reported them Donna told me that they lived in a council flat but i called the council and told me that it was a house in association but none of the parents were working they told me that they had a family business a transport company but they were always at home. When they logged in to me and started to bull me for money Ghezawi said that this was their family business and that i had a job ( i was a Jigsaw Manager) and they didn't and that i had to transfer them money, they tortured me for 8 months keeping me awake while working till i had a break down and they were threatened me to kill me and telling me all the time that i would loose everything. When i reported them ASARNI and another police officer from Brent Council went to talk to them and now Ghezawi are saying that 67 Hartland Rd is on my name and that they are renting from me They want to kill Asarni and the other police officer or ritualise them to suggest that I stolen that house 24 years ago. They say that they have put more houses on my name and my family in London, Great Yarmouth and Libya.They have a sister in Great Yarmouth and they are watching all the city police included and have killed people in her neighbourhood and in her daughter school Mia 9 who is ritualised because she was saying things at school. Ghezawi have also ritualised her sons Kareem 29 who was working and didn't want to collaborate and Asa 12 who also doesn't want to get involved with their criminality. Salam and Donna have stolen everything for 44 years and never worked, all their data is fake they envy everyone they watch. I think they paid taxes to hide in a fake Transport Co( Openskies or ELS) and because they saw me getting sick allowance they did apply for it and they say that they did backdated the data to blame me for everything.They are victimising people in Maida Vale and I believe that they had stolen houses there victimising everyone in the mobiles victims to avoid a reports.They have been torturing people for 44 years till june of 2014 asking them for transfers they only had transfers till June 2014, now they are stealing victims cards from expensive brands in London and they are emptying their bank acc and placing the money in Acc with fake names. Ghezawi are also ritualising this victims they steal from so they do not report the money missing and get away with everything.They are threatened me to steal everything from my family with their lorries and also saying that they will put money in my family bank acc.or to bring stolen stock from Burberries or Jigsaw in our houses and to inject us heroin or to leave evidences in our places to blame us for everything they do.. In 6 months they have stolen millions of pounds. My family is protected and Ghezawi can not kill us from their house as they do or ritualise us or rape us or steal from us, but they are now victimising lots of people in the airport to come to Vigo and victimise my neighbourhood and kill people in front of us or to communicate with our environment saying that is our family doing so.  They have the intention to victimise police first and to approach us to blame us for their crimes and to make us sing to cheat us if they are not able to do so they want to do a transfusion or to rape us.
Ghezawi had victimised people everywhere they have been, Hull, Queen's Park, Edgware Rd school, Salisbury School, their gyms, Libya, Barcelona, and now they want to victimise and kill everyone my family knows to make us pay for everything.
I am in Spain and there is an Intenational Metropolitan Police office number, I have reported Ghezawi few times and they sent the report to Queen's Park their neighbourhood but because they are watching police officers there every time they see me calling police and hear they are sending the report, Ghezawi ritualised the whole Queen's Park Police office and respond themselves to the reports allegating that i am a mad person, that they have contact me, that it is not a police issue and that the case is close.I also reported my friends missing and people in Jigsaw H.O. in sick allowance because of them and they are ignoring me.Ghezawi have the intention to victimise police officers in all countries through their victims who travel they can pop in anywhere they have a victim wherever they are and see any police officer to victimise the rest and manipulate reports to blame others and get away with robbery and murther.They are victimising the English Royal family and probably people in government and very important people but they are not communicating with them. They say that they want to do something to Kate Middelton because she worked for Jigsaw and they say that they want to get rid of everyone who knows me to delete my data everywhere and to say I never worked and to blame me and my family for all this Please forward this internationally their pictures can be seen in "Salam Ghezawi images" in google. Salam is the 1st 2 pictures, Donna has lots of black eyeliner and Saddiq is the last one of a picture of 3.This family is very dangerous are victimising thousand people and are killing more than hundred people in their environment, my circle and the places named above
Everytime i send a report they do something so maybe you receive news from them, they also use victims data to report me.
If you Know someone I can address this information through to be investigated please do not hesitate to mail me.
Thank you 
Teresa Neira

Report ID: 7341
Crime Category: Murder
Province: Western Cape
City/Town: CAPE TOWN
Suburb: N/A
Address: 67 Hartland Rd NW6 6BH
Crime Date/Time: 18 Jun 2010, 00:06 AM
Reported By: Username7341
Reported Date: 23 Nov 2014, 20:11 PM
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