Sydney Radford defrauded many investors

To: Sydney Radford Director Vitator (Pty) Ltd Reg.No.2008/018486/07 Cell.074 060 1670 Tel:(011) 768-2711 26 May 2015 I Louw Booysen from Hoedspruit Limpopo Province South Africa, hereby declare that I have been defrauded by Sydney Radford and his team of accomplishes. I am aware of the severity of the allegation and make this statement on my own free will without any interference or any other person pressuring me into doing so. My claim is that I was defrauded of R 3,500,000.00 and I am also aware of various other people caught up in the same situation. Towards the end of 2012 I was informed about an investment opportunity and that it was only available for the select few. I was introduced to two gentleman by name of Sydney Radford and Henry Mouton. Sydney Radford and Henry Mouton proceeded to convince us of the legitimacy of the investment and even showed us documentation confirming their claims. I am well aware that the contract was on the letterhead of another company however they assured us that they are authorised to negotiate with us and that they personally has benefited through investing with this company. Later on I learned that this was all lies and fraudulent documents made up to get us to invest. It also became apparent that Sydney Radford took a substantial amount of my original investment for himself and did not invest all of the money this proofed that he had a hidden agenda and that was to personally benefit immediately from my investment. This act alone is not only unethical but is fraudulent to its core as Sydney Radford is not registered with the financial regulatory board and has taken money under false pretences.    As an Entrepreneur seeking financing for several projects that I plan to develop, I signed a contract with them, Henry Mouton was introduced to me as a referring agent and he would receive R 1.00 to every R 7.00 that I receive. The total amount as per contract that I was supposed to receive Euro 100 Million as a return on my investment that I would be able to use to proceed with my projects. From the time that the contract was agreed on and signed in February 2013 I ended up with difficulties to deliver my investment due to a number of unforeseen problems arising on my side. Needless to say I was not able to deliver the money “in time’ as a result I was threatened by Sydney Radford and I told me that he has never worked with someone as unprofessional as myself. He also proceeded to threaten and harass a friend and colleague of me that introduce them to me. His threats was that he would have his company Blacklisted. Needless to say he proceeded with abuse that I was certain that it was intended to make me feel like a criminal.   I manage to get a mortgage on a property to enable me to meet the requirements of the commitment I made. On the 14th March 2013 at 08:42 I informed Sydney that I was able to deliver on my commitment and proof of the payment was delivered on the very same day. At this stage Sydney was delighted. He made various promises related as to how he can fund my various projects. I know of at least 10 other people that have invested money through Sydney Radford and the amount involved is several Million rand. On the 11th April 2013 2:29 PM I received a payment schedule from Sydney Radford showing three different payments however it never materialized. The mortgage was for R 500,000.00 on a property with an estimated value based on estate agents valuation of R 3, 5 M this property have subsequently been foreclosed on as a result of me not able to return the mortgage and I want to ad that the provider of the mortgage have granted me extension upon extension based on promises made by Sydney Radford. When I confronted Sydney with this problem he very arrogantly informed me that I am an Architect of my own demise as I should not have loaned money to do the investment with them.   In one of the letters from Sydney it is true that he did offer me my initial investment back however I had already committed to the investment and had to set certain structures in motion that I had to finance out of the mortgage of R 500,000.00 to enable me to receive the return of my investment. To receive only my original investment back would have meant an immediate inability to repay the mortgage and I was by then already held hostage by Sydney Radford. It also became apparent that this offer of refunding me was all just smoke and mirrors as there were no longer any money to pay back. I know that some of it was spent on apparently well-deserved elaborate holidays for him and his wife in some mountain resort.   On the 27 May 2013 at 09:18 I received a letter from Sydney where he claimed that at long last they have resolved everything. The agreements have been adjusted to their banks satisfaction. The credit line is now completely active. The trade has been confirmed and due to the swift coming from Barclays to SIF Bank and then from them to DB so as the bank felt the recover was going to be a lengthy one they agreed on a 60% LTV for the first swift. They will issue ICBPO’s to the main parties. Then I received an e-mail from Sydney Radford on the 30 May 2013 13:36 to all investors that he have been informed that the payment that he mentioned to us that was to be paid by Friday this week will still be made but only on Tuesday next week. The funds are only being released tomorrow and the transfer will take two days. This went on and on day after day week after week and month after month and now already for two years. On the 7th August 2013 I thanked Sydney for a payment of R 21,000.00 that I received from them and I asked if it was a return on my investment and he replied that it was not and it was a goodwill gesture. Up until this time I noticed 9 email addresses when we were sent updates on our investments. After I received the R 21,000.00 I noticed that there are 11 email addresses leaving me to believe that they have signed up more investors and used the money to pay out the original investors to try and prevent the pressure to deliver on our investment.  The excuses remains the same throughout the whole time from Monday we are promised payment on Wednesday and when Wednesday arrive we are promised payment by Friday. When Friday comes there would be some sad story given to us as a reason why the payment didn’t happen with a promise that we would receive the payment early the following week. When I demand answers I would be threatened with them cutting me out of the deal and I would be accused of giving out sensitive information and as a result the deal is about to fall through. I have also received threatening letters of legal action and high court interdicts from their Attorney Chris van der Merwe.  I have been accused that all the other investors are happy and it is just me that are creating all the trouble. I had at a stage one of the other investors also threatening me with legal action because I would apparently be the reason for them not getting their investment back. This was an attempt from Sydney to gain desperate support from the investors that are still being held captive by his lies.   Certain information was brought to my attention and that was the people that Sydney work with. His contact to the trade investment goes by the name Michael Wild from Switzerland this very same person has a British passport and has convictions of fraud against him in the United States he fled the US and was found guilty in absentia. There are also a Michael Wild wanted for fraud in the UK. Sydney Radford claims that these other Michael Wilds is not the same as his Michael Wild however when we looked at their Passports it turn out to be the very same person. Michael Wild was recently arrested for not paying his hotel bill in Switzerland and I was informed that Henry Mouton paid his bill on several occasions. Michael Wild seem to be on the run and early indications point to Italy as his possible new hideout. Then they claim that they are working with a lawyer by the name of Valerio Astolfi however this individual is also blacklisted. They claimed that they are able to create these huge returns as a result of their contact within the Rothschild foundation. There apparent contact have only worked for the Rothschild foundation for approximately 18 months and that was twenty years ago. I made certain that Sydney are aware of the content of this letter before I made it public knowledge and I gave him countless opportunities to deliver proof of his claims however all I get in return is more threats of legal action.    Sydney Radford and his associates has defrauded many people and has to be stopped.

Report ID: 8277
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: Limpopo
City/Town: Hoedspruit
Suburb: Hoedspruit
Address: Johannesburg
Crime Date/Time: 26 May 2015, 00:05 AM
Reported By: Username8277
Reported Date: 27 May 2015, 15:05 PM
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