Black people eat dogs and eat each other

A man from next door our shop cam into our shop in tge after asking us what happened to the dog that was in our back yard in the morning, i then told him the owner took the dog. He asked me who is the owner of the dog and what was the dog doing in our back yard, i explained to him that the dog came for dog grooming and the owner was our landlord, he asked if we did not eat the dog, i asked him do we look like we eat dogs, he said yes you black people eat anything and everything and you even eat each other. He continued to shout at me and he was asking repeatingly were is the dog, i know you ate the dog because i am white.. i was shocked and disguised by the way this man was going on. I then went to the to the police station to report this incident the police man told me he come and fetch me tomorrow to open a case, what i did not understand is why he did not even take a statement. The new South Africa.

Report ID: 9848
Crime Category: Hate
Province: Western Cape
City/Town: Calitzdorp
Address: No 35 Calitzdorp Junction, Voortrekker Road
Crime Date/Time: 19 Sep 2015, 16:09 PM
Reported By: Khanyisa87843
Reported Date: 21 Sep 2015, 08:09 AM
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