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Petition for Animals in South Africa

Petition for South African Animals
( In loving memory of Maggie )
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We are aware that a huge amount of petitions have been sent out regarding animal rights BUT this petition is one with a difference and will be submitted to parliament once we receive your signature, showing your support for something that really is quite bizarre…. .

Did you know that animals in South Africa are not recognized as sentient beings. This means they are classified as objects, and therefore have no rights

In recent times, Southern Africa has seen a huge upsurge in people involved in the animal rights movement, all calling for animals to be recognized as sentient beings. At the moment, most constitutions recognise animals as inanimate objects, incapable of feeling pain, terror or having any kind of consciousness. 

Difficult to believe we know but sadly this is the case. We have been wondering what it means then when an animal lets out a cry of pain or is clearly shaken from abuse!  

Just the other day we all heard about:

Lucy who was tied to a railway line, but was luckily saved minutes before the train rode over her again. (More info HERE)

Then there was Jack, who was buried alive but luckily was also saved.

How about the little guy who was beaten to death by a spade over this past weekend. (More info HERE) The list can go on and on............... 

The abusers may get caught and then what:  A slap on the wrist and a small fine… 

This is what our plea to the Government is:

To ensure that animals are regarded as sentient beings:  Capable of perceiving and feeling things.

To punish animal abusers more severely which will make them think twice before carrying out the heinous acts that they do.

For animals, as sentient beings, to be afforded the right to life, dignity and welfare.

The Constitution of the Republic of South Africa states the following:

South Africa's Constitution is one of the most progressive in the world and is based on the values of dignity, equality and freedom. 

Why then, can’t this be applied to animals too who live, breath, feel love and pain as we do ?!? 

Samantha Liddell and Sandra Hill, (co-founders of F.F.A.R.) ask that you please add your name to this petition to assist us in this cause.  Those of you who know us personally will know where our passion lies and will also know that once we have your support, we will take this all the way.  

Thank You in advance and lets stand together and keep positive in helping those who need us to speak on their behalves !! Please sign this petition below and forward this page/url onto ALL animal lovers as we need at least 10 000 signatures!!


9725Signatures >>
Aleeza SteynGeorge24 April 2014
Vanessa OttoJohannesburg23 April 2014
han chappelGauteng21 April 2014
Sarah Van VuurenEastern Cape20 April 2014
Michell HawardPrimrose South Africa17 April 2014
Julie BesterPrimrose RSA17 April 2014
Trudie PretoriusRandfontein17 April 2014
marika mozzatovenezia, italia16 April 2014
Lesley SmithGauteng11 April 2014
Dipolelo SemenyaPretoria10 April 2014
John SteinJohannesburg9 April 2014
Ofer BarakCape town8 April 2014
Coll MooreTABLE VIEW7 April 2014
Stephan BothaCape town7 April 2014
Charmain PetropoulosGauteng6 April 2014
yolandy combrinkpretoria5 April 2014
Sasheen HemrajLenasia3 April 2014
Fiona BrownGermiston3 April 2014
Pauli FourieWelkom1 April 2014
Elaine BornmannPretoria, Gauteng1 April 2014
Celeste ElsEast London31 March 2014
sylvia smitWolmaransstad31 March 2014
Roy PitsePretoria, South Africa28 March 2014
Nolan De JagerSouth Africa27 March 2014
ELIZE CarterPinetown27 March 2014
Margaret ThompsonVereeniging26 March 2014
Erika ClarkeRandfontein26 March 2014
Marni MontanezUnited States26 March 2014
Xhakira McDonaldSouth Africa24 March 2014
derusha naidoodurban24 March 2014
SONIA YOUNGJohannesburg24 March 2014
CHARMAINE MURRAYJohannesburg24 March 2014
Madri PurchaseCape town22 March 2014
Tarryn-Leigh BarkerCape Town21 March 2014
Kim ReardonCape Town21 March 2014
gee davidscape town21 March 2014
Maureen NielsenCape Town20 March 2014
Chantell BothaCape Town20 March 2014
susan storecape town20 March 2014
Pat TinklerCape Town20 March 2014
Terri GlanvilleCape Town20 March 2014
Janine van VuurenCape Town20 March 2014
judi kleynhanspretoria20 March 2014
Kirsten ReichmuthCape Town20 March 2014
Lana de JagerCape Town20 March 2014
Nicole SteenbergCape Town20 March 2014
Cathy AustinCape Town20 March 2014
Chiquita JuulCape Town20 March 2014
Tracy EdwardsSouth Africa20 March 2014
Catharina EnslinSprings gauteng18 March 2014
Melanie VorsterCape Town17 March 2014
Rueben NiemandJohannesburg17 March 2014
Ciara NelWestern Cape15 March 2014
Ronel NaudeDurban 14 March 2014
Cerie BrooksGauteng12 March 2014
Paul-Willem Janse van RensburgCape Town12 March 2014
ricardo fourieroodepoort johannesburg9 March 2014
Deborah DawsonAustralia8 March 2014
Chrys MARTENSFrance8 March 2014
Hendri van der VeenPretoria 8 March 2014
Anine EhlersJohannesburg6 March 2014
Sue MoorePort Elizabeth3 March 2014
Clint MasonCape Town3 March 2014
Riaan CilliersGauteng27 February 2014
Kim CilliersGauteng27 February 2014
Mariza JubileusSouth Africa24 February 2014
Tarryn KnockDurban24 February 2014
nishal badrinaraindurban south africa23 February 2014
Niels JacobsenGeorge23 February 2014
maggie danburygreat britain22 February 2014
Maxine HastingsDurban20 February 2014
Verushka ChettyGauteng20 February 2014
Jack OberholzerSomerset West19 February 2014
Wanja du ToitVanderbijl18 February 2014
Anusha NadasenLenasia, Johannesburg17 February 2014
Tanya ThomasCape Town 17 February 2014
GrobbenKibler Park14 February 2014
Jeanne FochessatiSouth Africa13 February 2014
Amje van eedenWitbank13 February 2014
Riana BockSprings11 February 2014
Ilse ConradieGeorge11 February 2014
cecilia ventergauteng11 February 2014
Tania van der MeschtGauteng11 February 2014
Irene ThomasKrugersdorp9 February 2014
Janine PeckDurban9 February 2014
Wendy RileySouth Africa8 February 2014
John DorySouth Africa6 February 2014
Marna van ZylSouth Africa5 February 2014
Ronette BamMokopane5 February 2014
Hugo FootLutzville5 February 2014
Randy LyleCanada5 February 2014
Bridget HudsonRoodepoort, Gauteng4 February 2014
Natalie Leschinskygauteng3 February 2014
Lynne WilkinsonDurban3 February 2014
Greg MilneAlberton30 January 2014
Sonja LaubscherAlberton30 January 2014
Kurt AppadurayJohannesburg30 January 2014
Cas StuartGauteng28 January 2014
Deleen FouchePretoria28 January 2014

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