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fake loan scam

Location: Boksburg
Crime Date: 27 March 2013
Reported Date: 9 April 2013

fake loan scam

Person going by the name Kgosi Pooe offers loan - he is on linkedin and facebook so seems legit - he asks for dep upfront then scams you out of your money. He took R550 from me -  not alot of money but do it to 100's of innocent desperate people and he is making a killing
Tel numbers: 0788393678 / 0789411353 / 0741588809
Emails  /

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OMO Competition SMS scam

Location: CAPE TOWN
Crime Date: 21 June 2013
Reported Date: 22 June 2013

OMO Competition SMS scam


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WGM Labour Brokers - Fraudulent Company

Location: Vredenburg
Crime Date: 28 November 2013
Reported Date: 28 November 2013

WGM Labour Brokers - Fraudulent Company

People in Vredenburg working under the headline "WGM Labour Brokers" are currently collecting money from people for so called contract fees (R200) for an upcoming project in Mozambique. Please help to stop these people as they are taking money from 1000's of unsuspecting people. They also claim that their head office is on Fochville.

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Nokia Yearly Promotion

Location: PRETORIA
Crime Date: 8 April 2010
Reported Date: 9 April 2010

Nokia Yearly Promotion

I received the following SMS:


Your no. Was among the lucky winners on the NOKIA YEARLY PROMOTION. You won R95,000.Ticket no. 0166P.Call Richards Williams on 0839431240. For your cash prize immediately from 8am to 6pm.

Sender: (no name) +27722885352

Received: 04:35:08 2010-04-08.

I phoned the number. The person asked the ticket number, service provider and cell’phone number.  He said he had to check the information and that I had to call him again in 5 minutes.

When I phoned after 5 minutes he said that I must send an SMS to him with the following information:

·        Cell’phone number

·        Full name

·        Address

·        ID number

He will then take R180 airtime to process the transaction and then post a cheque to me.

I did not send the SMS.

I have also asked the MTN office at Atterbury Value Mart and the Garsfontein SAP about the validity of the message, both confirmed that it was legal!

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Fifa 2011 Mobile Scam

Location: Boksburg
Crime Date: 10 January 2011
Reported Date: 10 January 2011

Fifa 2011 Mobile Scam

Hi all

I Got an SMS:
Congratulations! Your no. Was picked in Fifa 2011 WORLD WIDE MOBILE PROMO . You won, R150 000. Your Ref. no P286. Call: 0739379603. to Claim your cash Prize.

Im not going to phone. This is a scam. Im sure the number can be traced using RICA ? How do these ppl get our numbers.



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NOKIA 2010 PROMO - Internet Scam

Location: Nationwide
Crime Date: 15 March 2010
Reported Date: 15 March 2010

NOKIA 2010 PROMO - Internet Scam

I received a sms saying that I won R95 000 in a NOKIA 2010 PROMO.  It was a scam. The number I had to phone was 078 217 8336.  They tell you to go buy 4 'pay as you' go vouchers and to give them the codes and then they will pay the money into your account.  I went to my local cellphone shop and they warned me not to do that.

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Location: Paarl
Crime Date: 15 March 2012
Reported Date: 15 March 2012


Received sms from Linda 078 179 0973.  "You have won R 250, 000.00 and a laptop in Rica Yearly Promo Ref ...."

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Nokia yearly promotion

Location: PRETORIA
Crime Date: 3 January 2011
Reported Date: 5 January 2011

Nokia yearly promotion

I received an sms stating: " Congratulations!!! Your cell number was among the lucky winners in the Nokia Yearly Promotion 2011/2012. You won R95 000, ticket number e109! Contact Mr Hazem your claims agent on 0838630096 for your cash prize. Thanks, the management."

I then phoned this person the following day who then told me to purchase 3 R200 telkom vouchers and send him the pin numbers for these vouchers as well as my bank account number.

I then smelled a rat. I did not do as he asked. He then poned me once again, asking whether I have done so and insisted on me to keep this a secret!

I told him I thought this is a scam and he assured me that it was not and he then sent me the following: "My personal details - Mr Abbey.D Hazem. ID # 6304115357089. Employee #: D422-007. Company- Nokia Yearly Promotion Centre. # 106 Long street Cape Town. Reg # D04-6675.

I then googled this and found that this is indeed a scam!!!

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Location: Somerset West
Crime Date: 16 February 2012
Reported Date: 16 February 2012


I got a message:  
Congrats, Your Mobile No. has won (R750.000.00) on Nokia Mobile Award Promo with Ticket No. 0166A. Call Mrs.Rose for payment on 0761697880.

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Rica yearly promo

Location: Pietermaritzburg
Crime Date: 6 April 2012
Reported Date: 6 April 2012

Rica yearly promo

Receive sms from this number wich reads as follows : "congatulations you have won R175,000 and laptop in the Rica yearly romo. your ref no(YYK7) call Richard L. on 0789107747".

I've called Richard L (who said he is from Limpompo province ) today and he requested me to sms the following (name, adress and unsed R110.00 vodacom airtime). Airtime will be used to activate my price. 

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