Coca Cola Scam

I received an sms at from +27710189754 which told me that i've won R95000 with Ref C512 and that i must call 0738484447 or email Its as if its a Coca cola promotion.

Report ID: 1018
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: Eastern Cape
City/Town: Mthatha
Suburb: Joe Slovo Park
Address: Joe Slovo Park
Crime Date/Time: 13 Apr 2011, 00:04 AM
Reported By: Username1018
Reported Date: 13 Apr 2011, 11:04 AM
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  • Helen 5 12 Dec 2013, 08:51 AM

    0828482311. please note that this is also a number to look out for. email given is

  • abram2 30 Oct 2012, 01:15 PM

    the funny part is who can jus give you money,it happend to me as well,and they made me to actually buy R110 vodacom airtime and later they send me an sms saying that i must deposit R1 800 so that they can transfer my money into my account .dont worry Guys i am in the media industry i will deal with them

  • Faye 2 19 Oct 2012, 10:25 AM

    I to recieved an sms this morning ref no. C152 and i have R250 000.00. i spoke to Anna and she asked me to buy a airtime voucher from vodacom and call them back with it. then they will do my registration and transfer funds into my account. I also asked where they where and was told 145 Long Street. And asked who her supervisor was and was told Brian Lumar but Anna did not allow me to speak to him.This is messed up really, i got all excited for nothing.

  • Ray14 30 Aug 2012, 11:03 AM

    I just received a sms saying: "Congradulation! You have won R250 000.00 in COCA COLA 2012 yearly PROMO ith ref: num C15 for claims call 021 8367682 or email" Date: 30 August 2012

  • Anokha 31 Jul 2012, 09:28 AM

    I just received a sms saying: "Congradulation! You have won R250 000.00 in COCA COLA 2012 yearly PROMO ith ref: num C15 for claims call 021 8367682 or email" Date: 31 July.

  • Eugene2 20 Jun 2012, 11:57 AM


  • Eugene2 20 Jun 2012, 11:52 AM

    I also received an sms this morning.have won R250 000 with reference no. I had to claim prize from 145 Longstreet Cape Town. These people are ruthless. I had to call 021 8367781. If I had not heard about these scams before, they would let me think it was genuine. what a lot of con artists.

  • Jaco25 12 Jun 2012, 09:05 PM

    please catch them. received sms from "sheila" 0766456975 with same details and everything as above. when i called she said i must buy a R110 airtime voucher for them to complete the transaction. lucky i did not because immediately you know something is wrong.

  • Nicole19 12 Jun 2012, 11:19 AM

    received sms this morning.have won R250 000 with reference no XD15 clain prize 021 8249170 or - Spoke to a lady called bianca jacobs(obviously not the real name) CATCH THEM AND MAKE THEM PAY for messing with our feelings :( we are people who have debt and WANT to believe its true only to fall flat on our faces, thank GOD i researched before doing anything stupid!

  • Linda26 5 Jun 2012, 08:42 AM

    received sms this morning.have won R250 000 with reference no XD15 clain prize 021 8249170 or

  • Elna Jordaan 23 May 2012, 04:35 PM

    Received a sms reading: Your mobile number has won you 250 000 in allnetworks rica 2011/2012 awards. Then they wanted me to pay 1 898 for insurance.

  • Johan113 11 Apr 2012, 07:26 AM

    My husband received an sms this morning that he has won R95 000.00 in the COCA COLA 2012 yearly PROMO with ref: num(C15 for claims call 021 836 7682 or email This definately is a scam as we have not entered any coca cola competitions.

  • Hein12 14 Mar 2012, 05:48 PM

    I received a sms the day before yesterday saying: CONGRATULATIONS!!! Your mobile number has won you R250,000 in all networks RICA 2011/2012 Award(UK) winning pin number (MVC112T6). Contact (MR ADAM JOHNSON) on (078)1289417 I actually phoned him and he said I must phone back in 10min and when I did he asked for my account number. I asked him where they are and he said 145 Longstreet Cape Town. I told him I also work in Longstreet (which was a lie) and told him I was walking there when he told me to stop because he will send his driver and then he put the phone down and haven't picked up since. Hope these comments can help other people.

  • lynn hattingh 23 Feb 2012, 05:12 PM

    I also recieved an sms this morning 23/02/12 telling me that I have won R125,000. all i have to do is buy R110 air time from Vodacom and send them the PIN no. but better still i have also recieved an sms from Laurence in the past telling me that i had won a 4x4 SUV. I really hope that these people are caught soon

  • Letshego 13 Dec 2011, 08:34 AM

    i received an sms that informed me about the yearly promotion competition of Coca Cola on behalf of the UK that i've won R95 000.00 and they gave me the reference no: C152 and the number to dial is 021 829 7134.When i contacted them they said in order for me to claim the amount i have to buy a Vodacom Airtime Voucher worth R110.00 to redeem my price. Surely, it sounded as a scam to me eventhough they claimed that it is genuine when you call to find out. could somebody do something about this and the perpetrators must be caught and rot in jail.

  • nomkhosi 17 Nov 2011, 08:44 AM

    I received this message this mornig, Congratulation,You have won the sum of R95,000 in Nokia united kingdom yearly draw with ref num:E15 Contact 0218391713

  • Cliff3 24 Oct 2011, 12:10 PM

    Please explain how it is possible for these people to still be active since April? Same number, same sms??? Why do we RICA if the facility is not used. Surely the landline can be tracked? Does anyone at the SAPD read this site?

  • framco 19 Oct 2011, 07:50 AM

    Morning Loyal Mzanzi people please can the hawks get this dirty basted who want to milk people of their hard end money.I also got this filthy message today the 19th that I won R95 thousand and what amazes me how can I win a competition without me entering it

  • Lebo Thanyane 29 Sep 2011, 08:39 AM

    I received a suspicious sms this morning at 8:25am from this number: 0798517071. Congratulations, you have won the sum of R95000 in the coca cola united kingdom yearly draw. Ref num: E15. Contact: 0766456975. Email: I did not contact these people, because the sms is too good to be true. Whoever receives this msg, please don't fall for these scams!

  • ella3 29 Sep 2011, 08:38 AM

    the same happen with my wife the best thing to do publish it in the news papers like the Son,Voice,Burger,Times and Argus,because so that any body that recieve this sms must know and also ask Rica to check the numbers.please don't let stupids steal your money.

  • lucas3 27 Sep 2011, 05:26 PM

    I received an sms saying i have won R95000 in cocacola 2011 yearly draw with ref num c152 contact 0218297134.Require help Lucas.

  • Alisha 2 27 Sep 2011, 08:18 AM

    I received an sms saying i have won R145000 in the Coca-Cola yearly Promotion ticket no: 6111 contact Vennessa on 0798489042. Regards Alisha

  • nic van As 23 Sep 2011, 08:29 AM

    Congratulations!!! Your cell no. has won R145000.00 in the Coca Cola Yearly Promotion . Ref No. SA011. Contact Mr Lawrence on 0732361954 for your price. I will not even give them the satisfaction of phoning so that they, the criminals, will realize that i am not stupid as they are. But i will pray that God will touch their wicked hearts and that they will know that their hearts and minds are evil. May God forgive them for the false hopes that they are giving to especially poor people who are struggling with finances.

  • neels jooste 19 Sep 2011, 05:35 PM

    I received a sms that i won R95000 yearly draw ref C152 contact no 0218297164 or email is this true a scam regards neels

  • LR VOIGT 15 Sep 2011, 03:11 PM

    My husband was sms'd yesterday 14.09.2011 Saying he has won R145,000 from Coca Cola Promotions ref: SA 011. I phoned him and asked whom am I speaking to - he said he will phone back, never did. These guys belong behind bars. cell:0783444191

  • Tanchodd 14 Sep 2011, 10:45 AM

    You guys are all wrong I won the Coca Cola promotion. I received my call this morning and will contact them. I am sure they made an honest mistake and you guys were all runners up but i am the winner. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope they catch this scammers!!!!

  • Reinette3 13 Sep 2011, 10:11 AM

    Received a similar sms today. Seems the net is crawling with these vermin!! Just hope they get caught soon.

  • Solomon 12 Sep 2011, 09:22 AM

    I received an SMS from 078-344-4191, saying my Cell Phone has won R145,000 in the COCA-COLA YEARLY PROMOTION, ref No: SA011 and contcat: Mr Lawrence on : 0783444191 for the prize and i tried to call Mr Lawrence and he answer my call and the moment i start explaining to him about what the sms, he dropped the phone.

  • Kgalalelo 7 Sep 2011, 07:58 AM

    Funny that I received the same sms of R145000 with ref no: SA011 and mine apparently is forthe 44 years annivesary for Nokia and I must call Lawrence.. These people are sick. I always google these things but what about people who do not have the resources and are really desperate for the money? Really now, why did we Rica our sim cards?Was it not for the purpose of preventing these kind of things?Something must be done

  • Loraine3 5 Sep 2011, 09:39 AM

    Also received sms from 0797318732 this morning that I've won R 145,000 in the Coca-Cola yearly promotion Ref No: SA011 and that I should contact Mr Lawrence on 0783444191 to claim my prize. Why hasn't these people being caught yet, since it's being going on for a couple of months already?

  • Lezelle 31 Aug 2011, 07:32 AM

    I recived an sms this morning about a COCA COLA 2011 Yearly draw with Ref num{c152} contact 0218297134 or email

  • Sharon13 29 Aug 2011, 08:52 AM

    Also just received sms from 0714232409, that my cell has won R145,000 in the COCA-COLA YEARLY PROMOTION and that I must contact Mr Laurence at 0783444191 with Ref SA011. Lucky I also decided to google first!

  • Deidre7 22 Aug 2011, 02:18 PM

    Hi< i have rceived the very same sms as Nthabiseng with ref no SA011 for R145k & was asked to contact Lawrence, lucky I decided to google the promo first before speaking to them.

  • Nthabiseng 15 Aug 2011, 11:00 AM

    I have just reserve an sms this morning telling me that myphone number was choosen from coca cola yearly promotion,&i have won R145,00 and the referend no is SA011 and i must call this no 0783444191 and ask to speak to lawrance,please do something before someone loose his or her money.cause when u call them they say,they are working for coca cola.

  • Edith du Toit 2 Aug 2011, 12:53 PM

    I received a sms 2 days ago from them. Reacted today by email and they emailed me the certificate of proof and a landline. I did phone the landline and they gave me the same address, 145 Long Street, Cape Town twice. They register me and send me a new sms from Mrs Botha, with the answer I need to pay R1,800.00 for insurance and the amount that will be paid to me will be R96,800.00 I did phone the cell number, not available and they phone me back from a private line and again the same address was given to me and again I was told this is no scam. I told the man I need to speak to my husband because R1,800 is a lot of money today. I asked him for the banking details in order to pay the money over, his answer, as soon as you spoke to your husband phone me and I will provide you with the banking details. How can you trust any one today??????

  • Natasha24 22 Jun 2011, 02:25 PM

    I have received the same sms yesterday morning! We knew something wasn't right, and phone the number 021 829 7134 to hear who picks up the phone and it was the same Paula Sithole who answerd. The number i got the sms from was 072 193 6916. Hope you guys get them!!!!!!

  • sarie 8 Jun 2011, 07:28 AM

    8 June 2011 ....I receive the same email at 01:16 this morning and after that my husband also receive the exact sms

  • Kobus27 30 May 2011, 11:12 AM

    Hi, my wife received the same SMS only difference is the ref no C152. These guys must be caught before someone loose a lot of money. The same scam procedure of the money come from the UK, you need to pay taxes and all the normal lies. They also answer the phone as Coco Cola. She also gave me the 145 Long street address.

  • Reginald 20 May 2011, 10:55 AM

    I received the same email as Ntombizakhe. I actually contacted them and they advised that they are situated at 145 Long street, Cape Town. The lady I spoke to is one Paula Sithole. They actually have sophisticated software with regards to Identy call. Hope someone does something with this info.

  • Ntombizakhe 15 Apr 2011, 09:00 AM

    I received an sms from 0710189754 this morning that my mobile number was among lucky winners in coca cola yearly promo. They are compensating South Africa for hosting a peaceful world cup and I have won R95 000,00 with ref no C152. The no. I must call is 021 829 7134.Please track down that number from Telkom and get the address of these scammers.

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