He is doing it since 2011

So I have done the inspecting myself. It seems that it is not that huge of a problem to the authorities and no one is putting in any effort whatsoever.

The scammer post on olx at least once a week. Olx, junkmail, gumtree or tixus. He post the same 2 cars. He tell the same story. SINCE 2011!!!!!!!!!!!! He started on mixit. He change his nr every week. His post are listed in Centurion, Pretoria and Johannesburg. When you call he is either in Secunda or Bothasville. When I ask why it is posted here, he told me his friend posted as he has no internet available. Please note he doesnt have whatsapp or fb... And this guy who lives on a farm - you fall in love with his honesty. He goes under the names Morne Steenkamp or Riaan Beukes or Anonomous. He sends emails from biancabeukes @yahoo.com with verifications now and again. He sends his fake ID and papers of the cars.The poor real Morne Steenkamp does live in Secunda and is an engineer. Im struggling to get hold of him.

The papers

The fonts of the letters is inconsistent. The ID nr cant be verified. The photo is smiling - not allowed. The sticker with prints doesn't cover the photo. You can see the white background where it has been edited. And :Surname - Morne. Name - Steenkamp. Our own Einstein

In his wording I have only picked up that its mostly in Afr. Papers in order always present. Serious buyer always present. Car always in good condition. Price always below market value.

Attached you will find the genius' paperwork.

I believe he doesn't get confronted. The potential buyer either pay deposit via Checkers or Spar and its done. Or the buyer knows its a scam. Either way - he is not heard of again. He doesn't get confronted hence the death threats to me.

WITH ALL RESPECT can you please appoint a team that can monitor these things. It is not that difficult. Can you please find a competent Authority figure that can track this person down through his next post. I believe he is in Centurion. I might be wrong

Kind regards.

Report ID: 10981
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: Gauteng
Address: centurion
Crime Date/Time: 28 Oct 2015, 10:10 AM
Reported By: eksinverkeerdeberoep
Reported Date: 29 Oct 2015, 10:10 AM
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