This guy asked me if laptop is still available. He got irritated when i asked for the funds first.
I told him yes it was and he was more than willing to pay me.
When he sent me a sms POP and told me he needed the laptop ASAP I thought ok package it and sent it, cost me R319. Then when the money didnt clear and I asked the people to delay he got rude with me. He told me some krap story about his wife needing it for studies. He even went as far as to send me a fake ABSA POP. So its 7 days later no money. I canceled with the courier hopefully they wont deliver. Now i must pay again to have my courier sent back to me. I lost R638 because of him Please beware of him.

Report ID: 11002
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: Gauteng
Address: Johannesburg Bulleru
Crime Date/Time: 3 Nov 2015, 16:11 PM
Reported By: garethinnesgrant
Reported Date: 3 Nov 2015, 16:11 PM
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  • Misnaz 27 Mar 2016, 06:22 PM

    Thank you so much for this post! This guy tried his luck with me too today. I was selling 2 laptops. recieved the sms and email with confirmation. I felt uneasy and googled the MJ Holdings company and his name and found this page! Thank you for the heads up!

  • garethinnesgrant 4 Nov 2015, 06:38 PM

    Is it a registered Courier or do you know this person? If not i wont do it man. It could be another scam to steal more money from you man.

  • LTies 4 Nov 2015, 04:24 PM

    Thanks, today received a call from the guy that fetched the phone asking me for delivery money as he was told to deliver the phone at Witbank and he has been driving around and cant find the place of delivery. Now his petrol is finished and he wants me to pay him R450 to deliver the phone to me.

  • garethinnesgrant 4 Nov 2015, 04:10 PM

    My friend im so sorry i wish i posted this earlier maybe it could've saved your phone! Jip This prick phoned with the same number. :( Strongs man. I posted on gumtree to help people to stop before they send the items.

  • LTies 4 Nov 2015, 12:15 PM

    I got scammed yesterday too by the same man for my iPhone6, he sent ABSA pop and id and proof of res which when i tried to verify the company was already closed. It happened so fast when i asked him for cash after seeing that his payment didn't go through yet, he refused saying he cannot make two payments. I took a photo of the guy that came to fetch my phone. I still wish i had listened to my gut as i had a bad feeling about it. Cell that he was using is 073 237 7485, email address lionelkhumalo70@gmail.com. You will receive more than one call from them different numbers and when u are busy dealing with one of them, they all stop calling or smsing you regarding the item, two actually requested me to deliver the phone to Eastgate.

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