On the 3th, November, I received and RFQ from EPOCH Gold Mine in Zimbabwe, from a guy called Ronald, Procurement Manager at EPOCH GM. Gave us an RFQ for 18 x Rixtrade RX180 18KM Energizers. I did a search for the product, and only found 1 company that has it in stock, and they are in Springbok, Northern Cape. I was given a quote by Louis, . I quoted Epoch Mine, and surprisingly received a PO the next day-
Total valued- R483000.

I contacted, RIX TRADE, to give us tech specs and a photo of the products in stock, so I can emailed the docs to EPOCH GM. I was send a photo of 1 product only , but I asked for a photo of the 18 that they had in stock.

I then received a letter from EPOCH GOLD MINE, confirming the Arrival confirmation letter and payment arrangements and collection. I was told that they will be coming to OR TAMBO on the 13TH, November 2015 @ 10am. and that I should get the stock , so that they can inspect the goods, and when they go to Durban to Inspect a shipment , They will confirm payment, and we must load the goods on to the truck, from Durban to Zimbabwe, via Johannesburg.

As I didn't have the money to buy all 18 , I called Louis, to confirm if he can send a sample with his driver, to their freight forwarder , so we can have the goods inspected. I was told to call Fatima, to get her approval. She insisted that they cannot send the goods, until they receive payment.

She even called me on Wednesday- 11th, to confirm payment , because it took 2 days for transport to JHB. I had a funny feeling about the PO.

It was the first time I received an rfq from EPOCH GOLD MINE , and to get a 483k order on my first quote- that was strange.

Then the product was only sold by 1 supplier- RIx TRADE - and they are based in Springbok.

I said a Prayer (thank you JESUS), looked up EPOCH GOLD MINE , again, and then found the Scam on Crime line.

Guys , please be careful,

Report ID: 11041
Crime Category: Other
Province: Gauteng
City/Town: Benoni
Address: BENONI
Crime Date/Time: 9 Nov 2015, 19:11 PM
Reported By: THFCWHL07
Reported Date: 15 Nov 2015, 20:11 PM
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  • Pieter01 1 Dec 2015, 04:12 PM

    We also received the exact same RQF on the 3rd Novemeber and also received an order the next day, we informed Ronald that we cannot meet in JHB to inspect the goods as we had to place a 25% deposit for us to get the goods here, so we arranged with Fatima if we could take them to the warehouse for them to inspect the goods, to which we informed him that we rather meet at the warehouse in the northern cape, to which he then replied he would rearrange the flights to JHB from Zimbabwe to Cape town. Since then we haven't heard from him.

    We also thank God that we didn't place money down for the order and nor did we book the ticket to Capetown for the inspection of the goods.

    I see now that the epoch gold mine website is also no longer available as it gave description and list of the other directors.

    I sincerely hope and pray that no one gets fooled by these scammers.

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