denial of service attack, on internet connection

i was denied internet services , from an un authorized ip ' Denial of Service attack" on 09/12/2015 , at instances between 21:00 and 23:00.
ip found sending packets was retrieved from my server logs .\,with added screenshot uploaded .
cybercrime law
86 (5) A person who commits any act described in this section with the intent to interfere with access to an information system so as to constitute a denial, including a partial denial, of service to legitimate users is guilty of an offence.

A type of attack used to prevent legitimate users from accessing services or resources
Imagine a scenario in a supermarket where a single customer brings in a 100,000 items to the counter. If there are other customers waiting in the line, they are virtually denied service as the single customer will occupy the counter for a very long time.
In a denial-of-service attack, a hacker can prevent authorized or intended users from accessing resources and services. The hacker can target the computers or network connections. By carrying out the attack, the hacker can prevent users from accessing several websites, using email, video conferencing, banking services and online shopping. In effect, a denial-of-service attack prevents users from accessing any content from computers and networks that are affected by the attack.
One of the most common ways of performing a denial-of-service attack on a website is to flood the website with a huge number of information requests. This will prevent other users from accessing it, as each website can accept only a limited number of requests. If you get a “denial-of-service,” it is because the site is inaccessible.

Report ID: 12145
Crime Category: Other
Province: Free State
City/Town: Welkom
Suburb: ext 19
Address: no 6 rapide str ,jan cilliers park welkom
Crime Date/Time: 9 Dec 2015, 21:12 PM
Reported By: johannes90708
Reported Date: 10 Dec 2015, 01:12 AM
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