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Dear Crime-Stop,

I’m from Glencoe next to Ladysmith Town (KZN). I nearly got robbed today in Durban.
Read this advert on JunkMail about a person who wanted his goods to be transported from Durban Habour to various towns of KZN.

I called them on the cellphone provided (083 550 7336) and we talked until we reached an agreement that I will have to come-down to DBN to view the goods that are to be transported and sign the contract.

Came to DBN today, met these two guys at McDonalds (next to Old Fort Road) opposite MercedesBenz Dealership. They introduced themselves as Lucky Khumalo (083 550 7336) and Sipho (071 748 6464). They gave the below pricelist which they said was a year old and they will revise the rates. They then took me to ABSA Bank next to UNISA Campus to meet this Zambian guy by the name Fred Lungi (060 648 0113).

This guy talked so eloquently as a businessman of high note who was bringing copper from Zambia to SA including rare antics (copper statues, tanned animal skins i.e. python, leopard, etc). He said he has bales of second-hand clothes that need to be transported and we agreed I will start this coming Monday (14 February 2015), but am not going to sign a contract up until we see how the working relationship is like between the involved parties. This conversation / meeting took place in my car outside the Bank Parking area.

Towards the end of our meeting he pulled out a stone, dirty stone which he claimed to be the precious raw sapphire from Zambian mines. The two companions (Lucky&Sipho) claimed there is a possible buyer who works as a jewellery cutter at Musgrave Centre. The two companions took the stone and in my car we moved towards Musgrave Centre. Along the way they said the lady was no longer in Musgrave Centre but in Davenport Mall (next to Berea).

We arrived at Davenport and met this coloured lady who took out a portable scale, weighed the dirty stone inside my car. She then took out a small microscope to view the stone. She concluded that this was the real thing and offered to buy it for R100 000.00. She took out a thick starch of R200.00 bank notes and claimed it was R100 000.00. She offered me the cash.

My mind clicked that this is a scam of some sort, because I came here for a transportation deal but now I am being involved in some illegal precious stone deals that involved a lot of strangers and hard cash. Politely, I retreated.

I told this lady that first we have to arrange with the owner of the stone on how much

Report ID: 12149
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: KwaZulu/Natal
City/Town: DURBAN
Address: DBN ICC
Crime Date/Time: 10 Dec 2015, 04:12 AM
Reported By: nhenheh
Reported Date: 11 Dec 2015, 04:12 AM
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  • nhenheh 11 Dec 2015, 08:20 AM

    The Price list given to me is:

    1 margete r4,950, shelly beach, r 4,700, poth shepstone r
    4,000, pietermartzburg,r2,400, richards bay r 5,200.....
    each box wieghs 50kg, and place of collection of the goods and address of final
    destination will be given. all goods will be accompanied by relevant
    documents, an invoice plus two delivery notes, insurance for the
    transportation of goods to be arranged......

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