Scammer depositing fake cheques

So 2 days ago inposted an ad on Olx as I'm selling all my salon equipment, I gave to option to buy everything at a discounted price of R100000. Not even 5 mins later I got a call from a guy named "Richard", claiming that he is interested in buying the whole lot. So I said sure when would you like to come view it all? And he insisted it was not necessary he just wants to buy it (1st alarm bell). So I said sure but it's only available at the end of the month. So he asked if he could pay a 50% deposit to secure the items and not sell to anyone else. (2nd alarm bell). I said yes you can do that but only via eft and once that's cleared I will verify it via my bank. The next morning I see a deposit of R50000 in my account... BUT it was a cheque deposit with only his first name (big 3rd alarm bell). I immediately called my bank, and they said don't do anything with that money as the cheque is not yet cleared, and don't give him a thing. So after that Richard phones to ask if I got the deposit. So I said yes but it is a cheque deposit? So he got defensive and said it was his secretary who deposited the money a he doesn't know which form it was deposited in. Oh! And this time he called me from a different mobile number. I then asked if he is planning on opening a salon, and he got angry and said of course! What else would he want the equipment for? Anyway so he wanted to know when he could come collect "his" things. I said at the end of the month like I said and only once all the money has cleared. So he said no that won't work for him because he's going away next week. I said that's not my problem as I told you. So he said he's gonna make a plan and call me back. I never heard from him again after that call yesterday. And BOOM! Today the cheque bounced as I suspected. And the pain is that my actual funds have been frozen for 24 hours because of this. Plus I got charged a fee for a cheque deposit. So I'm really glad I was suspicious! He also claimed he was from the Middleberg area which also seemed odd to me. And a clear Nigerian accent too! The cheque that got bounced also had a different name on it, J E Ngidi. The numbers he used were 0734275730 and 0785725290. So if you ever get a call from this criminal claiming he wants to buy something from you, don't!!!! And also, I'll never use OLX to advertise anything ever again.

Report ID: 12153
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: Gauteng
Crime Date/Time: 9 Dec 2015, 17:12 PM
Reported By: AlarmBells
Reported Date: 11 Dec 2015, 17:12 PM
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