Churches on Mountains

We have a real problem with these churches that practice in open spaces. For over five years, they've been on the koppie almost daily, shouting and singing and clapping and disturbing the peace and quiet of the residents around there.

The other residents and I tried many times to speak to them, asking them to be sensitive to residents' needs. They'll either agree, but as soon as we leave, carry on or argue and say it's not only them, there are other churches that come up there. We've tried to set up meetings with them, to call all the different church leaders and have an open dialog and try to resolve the issue, but they give false numbers or don't pitch or answer their phones. We've called SAPS, Metro and Johannesburg Environmental to the area to experience it - which they have and agree it's noise pollution and that they should practice in spaces away from residential area. But these people tell the officials they have a right to be there as they are practicing their religion and the officials just leave!

We've explained many times to countless groups that it's not their presence that's the issue, it's the noise, littering and going to the toilet up there (as they are sometimes up there for hours in large groups). Sometimes, they'll do ceremonies up there naked in full view of residents. Once, we were woken by one of their services at 3 am!

I've attached a link to a few videos of them I've taken to give an idea of what it is I'm talking about. I'm appealing for any ideas of how to deal with this situation. Many residents bring it up at the community meetings and we've appealed to them to let the police handle it but it's not helping. Is there anything further we can do about them?

Report ID: 12208
Crime Category: Noise
Province: Gauteng
Address: Gretel Street, Linmeyer
Crime Date/Time: 2 Jan 2016, 20:01 PM
Reported By: southernseth
Reported Date: 2 Jan 2016, 20:01 PM
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