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I received the first mail on 11 November 2015 for reliable finance from 20000 to 30 000 000 which is either personal or for property use. I replied and received application forms. I completed the application form and requested R1000 000 to consolidate debt and buy a house. My first suspission was the address on the 1st and second letters which was different. They told me they moved offices. I first payed admin fee of R30000 and then received transfer notification from Standard Bank for the reflection of the amount but a reflection tax of R12500 must be payed. I transferred the money and received the next letter stating an amount of R8700 for automatic reflection of the amount in question. I transferred the money and the last notification for loan insurance which was payed on 6 January 2016 to the amount of R4550. That was the last call from a so called Geoffrey. I tried contacting him on 7 and 8 January and sending a mail asking his response but to no response. I then realized that I was robbed of R55750. Can anybody give me advise on what my next step is??

Report ID: 12249
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: Gauteng
Address: Thaba Tshwane
Crime Date/Time: 6 Jan 2016, 21:01 PM
Reported By: peterducaat
Reported Date: 9 Jan 2016, 21:01 PM
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  • cbloomberg.13 7 Mar 2016, 02:45 PM

    I also got almost scammed by Equity Financial management services...thank heavens I got suspicious when they asked me to deposit 1000 rand before they give me loan. ...I sent correspondence to my bank...they confirmed I must not get invloved. ..what worries me is that they have ALL my personal information. ..I'D. ..address and bank statements. ..off to police to cover myself

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