Gumtree predator

I posted a advertisement on gumtree seeking work & I recieved a phone call "No Caller ID" . The man began by saying he saw that I was looking for work and he had a opening and began to ask me to tell him about myself. He started breathing heavy and repeatedly saying "yes". He asked me what I like doing and after I told him & I said "I like going out and walking my dog" he repeatedly asked what I like doing and his breathing became louder and I heard him moving around (instantly knowing what he was doing to himself) I then said "I go out and spend time with my partner" & then I asked about details about the position he told me it was "office work & im Birmingham" which is just shy of 3 hours away in the car from where I live and where my advertisement is posted and he did not have the "birmingham" accent. I said " that is to far for me to travel due to spending more on traveling than I would get pod from working" he then snapped "get the train" and I said I wouldn't be interested. He tried to carry on talking & I cancelled the call. He tried ringing me back straight away but I cancelled it and informed my partner. I then realised the same person (same voice) rang me the night before at 11.55pm but he put the phone down after asking my name and saying hello 3 times. I didn't realise it was the same person until the conversation had sunk in & the phone call in the morning woke me up. I will be ringing my network provider to see if I can get all unknown callers blocked and I will be reporting it to the police so that they could warn other people.

Report ID: 12259
Crime Category: Other
Province: Nationwide
City/Town: Nationwide
Suburb: United kingdom
Address: Internet
Crime Date/Time: 13 Jan 2016, 08:01 AM
Reported By: Abbylee
Reported Date: 13 Jan 2016, 12:01 PM
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