Fake Employment in the UK

I recently applied for a job on a career website. I mean those things are supposed to vet the companies or agencies right? Anyway this was for a job in the UK and who would not be excited about that? I received a response with an interview, which i readily filled out. I was not expecting anything really, just wanted to know what would happen. A few weeks later i receive an email back saying that i had received the job and and that I just needed to sort out my travel documents. I was told that the company would pay for the VISA and the plane tickets, but i had to pay for the work permit and foreign affairs certification. All this would be done through an immigration agent that works with the company. I had done some research into the company, which actually does exist and is very reputable. But i felt uneasy and started looking into fake job scams and that’s when i found all this information on how to spot a scam and what to look out for. Things like the contact numbers not matching up, which they didn’t of course.

There was also people talking about how companies don’t talk about you paying for the documents as they tend to absorb those cost. Then I read some posts about the scams and the emails looked almost word for word like mine. But I went ahead and sent the contract back to find out how far this would go. That’s when io got a response back from these people about how they received the contract back and how delighted they were to welcome me. Less then an hour later, the “immigration agent”emailed me about how my employer has delegated them to handle my paperwork. There were cost of 650.78 pounds that i would have to pay to a money gram account in order to facilitate the whole process. I mean what company or office would want people to send money through money gram if it’s not fake.

The really awful thing is that, not only are you as the job seeker a victim, but the actual company is as well. These people are putting reputations at state here. Using actual companies, down to addresses and their logo’s. They know that we will look into companies, but after looking into them we won’t look further than knowing the company exists. My Letters and contract came looking official on a company head letter.

The employment “opportunity”came from BAE Systems Plc in the UK. Like i said this is an actual company. But i just want other people to be wary of this and do all their research first. And if something does not sit well with you, there’s probably a good re

Report ID: 12297
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: Gauteng
City/Town: Randburg
Address: Career website
Crime Date/Time: 21 Jan 2016, 16:01 PM
Reported By: Tshililo
Reported Date: 21 Jan 2016, 16:01 PM
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