Peter and Lisa Peterson

We are a doctors practice and Mrs Lisa Petersen made an appointment to see Dr van Tonder on Friday 29 January 2016 as a new patient (no details yet received from the patient except name and cell number which is 060 453 4293). They requested that we send them our banking details so they can put money in before the consultation on Friday. We have a new receptionist who did not know that this is not protocol so she gave these fraudsters our banking details! We were then phoned this morning to be informed that Mrs Lisa Peterson accidently paid an amount of R89 000, 00 into our account instead of the builder. My receptionist was non the wiser until it was given to me Dr van Tonder wife to do an EFT patient refund to Mr Peterson. I was given all the information and when put in front of me I immediatley noted that the ABSA bank pop also had font differences and that they were requesting the proof of payment to be paid into another bank Capitec??? something said to me this is a scam. I phoned Mr Petereson who at first forgot he was Mr Peterson ( african gender) who then insisted I send a proof of payment for the refund. I asked him why does his bank not recall the money and he said he would ask them. I then phoned Nedbank who immediatly traced the payment to a cheque which would obviously be stopped the next day once the patient refund was completed. I then got Nedbank to phone them and say the money is not yet reflecting and their fraud department is working now on the case! They tried numerous times to try and contact me and I have just said ABSA must recall the money. How can we stop these fraudsters!! I have phoned my brother in the police force to trace this cell number I have notified both ABSA and Nedbank. How did they get our information?

Report ID: 12322
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: Gauteng
City/Town: Other
Suburb: Sandton
Address: Sandton Mediclinic
Crime Date/Time: 27 Jan 2016, 19:01 PM
Reported By: ChanVT
Reported Date: 27 Jan 2016, 19:01 PM
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