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There is a gentleman from 41 Snowdon Street, Roodepoort, who constantly advertises 'investment opportunities' on online classified sites such as Gumtree, OLX, Junkmail etc. His name is Johannes Hendrik Andries Venter (Hein Venter), holder of id number: 8402175031087. Hein is originally from Rustenburg, qualified from Rustenburg High School in 2002, then moved to Randburg where he worked at Imperial Toyota, and is now based in Florida Hills Roodepoort.

He advertised on Gumtree that he needs an investor. He claimed that he will buy cars at Burchmores, sell the cars, and return the investment. Due to his background in the car industry, I invested R40 000 with him. He promised to pay me back R60 000. Its now 2 weeks, and he has his phones switched off, deleted whatsapp, and does not respond to emails.

He previously advertised on Junkmail an investment opportunity to sell meat promising a 30% return. Also. he advertised eggs promising to give delivery after three days.

Hein Venter claims to be working at Africantreats.
He used the following two phone numbers, both of which have been switched off: 078 797 9746 and 063 305 5949. Likewise, he has 2 email addresses:

I would like to advise every person to beware of this shark, less he comes with an 'investment oppurtunity' and clear you out as he done to me.

A case has been opened against him, and I am also taking legal action. If Johannes Hendrik Andries Venter scammed anyone else, please forward me the details, so that I can sent to my attorneys.




Report ID: 12346
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: Gauteng
City/Town: Roodepoort
Suburb: Florida Hills
Address: 41 Snowdon Street, Florida Hills, Roodepoort
Crime Date/Time: 19 Jan 2016, 12:01 PM
Reported By: Ismail92215
Reported Date: 1 Feb 2016, 12:02 PM
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  • Blokbotha 2 Dec 2016, 10:20 AM

    Call me 0823751701 Hein scamed me to

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