Dishonest breeder - Andrea Stichling/Dolittle Breeders

Purchased a 6 month old Swiss shepherd (Berger Blanc Suisse) for 10,000R, Aug'15. Dog was supposed to have basic discipline training, urban exposure (cars, urban noise, etc), dog socialization skills and protection training.
Andrea Stichling is a KUSA accredited breeder so my partner and I took that as a stamp of quality. Upon introducing the dog to our new environment and its new home, an extreme aggression towards other dogs was enacted, zero leash training was evident in her pulling and lack of coordination, and fear & uncertainty of every element present in an urban space (litter flying across the road, cars driving past, sea gulls, pedestrians, you name it) was displayed.
Upon informing Andrea Stichling of this, we were told that the dog required at least a week to settle down & feel confident. We gave the dog a 2nd chance but after a week of her aggressively attacking any dog walking by, constant, strong pulling on the leash with an urgent need to return home due fear of any and everything that crossed our path, we decided to return the dog and request either our money back or a puppy from the next lot.
Andrea Stichling opted to give us a puppy instead (at no discount even though they originally go for 7000rand as she herself earlier informed us) For the sake of simplicity, we obliged.
Thereafter, all communication went downhill. She didn't answer our emails, screened our numbers and never answered the phone unless we called from a hidden number, did not keep us informed of anything concerning the new puppy & date of availability and only did so when we would send emails simply requesting a refund due to her strange behavior.
Finally, 20 days after she had stated that she would get back to us, a random email lands in our inbox stating that a puppy is ready for collection. By this time, we had simply given up after various attempts at contacting her and were ready to report her to KUSA. As we wanted nothing more to do with this breeder, we declined the inappropriate offer and simply requested our money back.
We heard nothing from her thereafter. KUSA was informed of the matter but claims this is a private matter of which they cannot be involved. I honestly don't understand how KUSA can accredit a dishonest and unprofessional breeder such as Andrea Stichling. It is because of their accreditation that we didn't bat an eyelid regarding her claim and price of the dog to begin with.
Hence me spreading the word of our experience online instead.

Report ID: 12392
Crime Category: Other
Province: Western Cape
City/Town: Stellenbosch
Address: Stellenbosch farms area
Crime Date/Time: 12 Aug 2015, 01:08 AM
Reported By: Capetown
Reported Date: 8 Feb 2016, 02:02 AM
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  • Capetown 9 Feb 2016, 02:06 PM

    BetsieNash, if you carefully read through the complaint, you will notice that it is specifically stated that Andrea Stichling is a KUSA accredited breeder. She is not some random back-door breeder.

  • BetsieNash 9 Feb 2016, 12:14 PM

    You should not be supporting back yard breeders. There are thousands of homeless dogs out there, because people buy animals off the internet etc. ANIMALS ARE NOT PROPERTY. Adopt don't shop!!!

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