SCAM!!! SCAM!!!! SCAM !!!!! SCAM !!!!! SCAM!!!!!

PHILANI NTULI just opened a new company again in Johannesburg in Rivonia Sandton at Rivonia Village 2nd Floor REGUS OFFICES operating as AFFILIATE UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH AFRICA. It was first the MICROSOFT AFFILIATE DEALERSHIP were people had to pay R25 000 though the prices was reduced to R18 800 then to R10 800 and now its R3 500 for registration and he will do all the set up for you and you were promised you will earn over R75 000 PER WEEK/ MONTH, now he has added new things on their website ,things like PERSONAL FINANCES, CAR INSURANCE, GOOGLE PAY PER CLICK / LEAD AND CALL CENTRE AFFILIATE , MISS HIGH SCHOOLS, OPPORTUNITIES which his charging R1 250 for registration at the moment. He also has the DIESEL OPPORTUNITY were registration is R3 500 deposit and balance is R8 000 once the ""SO CALLED "" Diesel plant machine has been purchased which I 100% guarantee will never be available and the BURSARY COMPANY OF SOUTH AFRICA were he claims he will get sponsors from over 400 Companies in South Africa to sponsor these POOR individuals but they must pay R250 registration / admin fee to process the Bursary Application and per day over 300 apply and 80% of them promise to pay the money once they get it because they are pressurised to pay and almost 100-150 actually do pay per day.

I paid R3 500 for the Microsoft Affiliate but I get stories everyday in terms of the setting up from consultant a lady and I want my money back because to me its a SCAM. I have asked the ladies there to give me his contact details but they are reluctant with it but anyway I got the number from the reception and its 072 744 4938 and there is NO answer at all, and I have just been told to come on Wednesdays when they have presentations between 10am and 12 mid day with PHILANI NTULI. I am very disappointed and have reported the matter to the Police

Guys STAY AWAY from these online things and do a back ground check before you pay anything. PHILANI NTULI is a SCAM ARTIST, A RUTHLESS CONMAN. I am going to make sure he gets what is coming for him. He must pay for all the money he has stolen from people since 2010. He must go to jail. EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING on the following WEBSITES are SCAMS,,, those are all his SCAMS



Report ID: 12416
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: Gauteng
Suburb: Rivonia
Address: Rivonia Road 2nd floor Rivonia Village Offices
Crime Date/Time: 3 Feb 2016, 13:02 PM
Reported By: Apple
Reported Date: 12 Feb 2016, 13:02 PM
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  • Kate116739 24 Jan 2018, 02:09 PM

    Durban based PI Brad Nathanson is requesting assistance in an ongoing investigation.

    Brad is looking to identify anybody who has been physically or financially harmed by 29 year old Philani Ntuli of Durban. Ntuli aka Gift, has business premises in Jhb. Ntuli, who is in the "alternative fuels" industry is an alleged prolific fraudster and is being investigated for, inter alia, fraud, rape, kidnapping and murder.

    He allegedly sold shares in a toilet paper manufacturing business to unsuspecting investors who are struggling to get their monies back.

    There have had numerous complaints made since Ntuli's arrest. Nathanson is urging complainants to open cases with the SAPS and to send the CAS numbers to him ASAP.

    You can contact Nathanson directly on 0832502007 or by email

    Alternatively, you can call IRS on 0861 911 IRS (477) and we will pass the information on.

  • Kate116739 21 Jan 2018, 05:17 PM

    He has been arrested for the murder of Siam Lee.

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