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*EDIT 2* This consultant is now harassing me and has threatened me again. After I reported his posting on this site to be a scam he then replied to me to say that he will only remove his malicious post if I remove mine. He then also indicated that he will send his lies to my future employer in the UK. Thus attempting to hold me hostage and jeopardise my future.

*EDIT 1* I am happy to remove the perceived criminal dealing elements of the review due to the refund given after these reports went out, however the experience was so negative that my perception of their business dealings still remains the same. I have also noted an attempt to spread lies about me through a reported crime on this site as well titles "Michael Henry malicious defamation", to which I can reply that anybody is more than welcome to contact me personally for a full list of all the emails as i have nothing to hide. He has claimed my simple reports to be a 'malicious campaign' to which is not. This consultant also threatened me and sent messages to various of my personal friends on facebook trying to make me out as a liar. I speak from facts whilst he speaks from opinions. You are welcome to any information. leave a comment below and ill be notified.

This consultant from UK visa centre in cape town.

Gavin Shulman
UK Immigration Consultant
UK Visa Centre
Tel: 082 858 4186

(to me seemed to be a con-man before his 50% refund given back to me after reading this review which was part of his terms that he initially refused to comply with). After taking R6950 of my money he has failed to deliver any goods. After numerous communication attempts he failed to give good advice or guidance on the requirements needed to apply for Visa applications. He also did not know who to contact or where to go regarding the IELTS english tests needed for immigration. This information I had to find out on my own and it resulted in a few weeks delay as well.
This consultant has now (refunded me 50% of his original 100% offer). Upon numerous emails back and forth he has decided that he believes that he is entitled to my money even though he has not fulfilled the contract or processed any application whatsoever. After reading the review I see he had a change of heart and gave the obliged 50% refund.
A good professional alternative that has many consultants and representation in the UK is Breytenbachs immigration agents.... www . bic-immigration . com
They are professional, helpful, knowledgable and reputable. They will go through all your documentation and advise on correctness of paperwork as part of their process. Unlike this consultant who thinks that that is an added benefit.

Report ID: 12454
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: Western Cape
City/Town: Please Select
Suburb: Galton Rd, Tijgerhof,Milnerton
Address: 2 Galton Rd, Tijgerhof, Milnerton, 7441, South Africa
Crime Date/Time: 22 Feb 2016, 20:02 PM
Reported By: Biker_Mike
Reported Date: 23 Feb 2016, 08:02 AM
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  • GShulman1965 1 Apr 2016, 05:37 PM

    Mr Henry repeatedly ignores the fact that he had no basis whatsoever for questioning my professional capabilities and integrity and for posting the malicious lies about me on this site. It appears he is too embarrassed to admit that it was naive and foolish of him to have expected me to inform him that he could not rely on using his credit card account to prove funds available to him to meet the maintenance requirement for his visa application. This is what irked him and is the core issue underlying his tirade against me.

    Mr Henry has also repeatedly and conveniently failed to express any gratitude and acknowledge that I saved him some R27,000 by correcting errors that his future employer in the UK made in issuing his Certificate of Sponsorship which would have led to the refusal of his work visa application.

    I have never had a single client accuse me of incompetence, negligence and/or fraud in 10 years of providing UK immigration services to countless clients in both the UK and South Africa. Furthermore, unlike the majority of people posing as UK immigration consultants in South Africa, I am a qualified attorney in SA, a qualified solicitor in the UK and qualified as a UK immigration adviser registered with the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner in the UK (OISC). Anyone who doubts my capability and integrity and wants to clarify whether or not there is any substance to Mr Henry's allegations against me is welcome to contact me personally on 082 858 4186 and I will gladly give you the contact details of numerous clients of mine whom I helped to obtain their UK visas and who are now happily living, studying, working in the UK. I too have nothing to hide.

    Mr Henry has the temerity to complain about the actions I have taken to mitigate the damage he has done (and continues to do) to my hard earned reputation. I will not tolerate one vindictive and malicious individual's campaign to destroy my livelihood and that of my family because he is too proud and embarrassed to address the core issue I referred to above which sparked his tirade against me.

    Remember, there are two sides to every story. Speak to my former clients and you will end up very much doubting the veracity of Mr Henry's allegations against me.

    Gavin Shulman UK Visa Centre

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