kitten scam

I am ashamed to say I was caught by this scam - Nicole Alma Megan was the name given to me - She sold me a kitten Ramsay for R 2000.00 and then said that a further R 500.00 would be needed for the transport - the following morning I received this email
" The experienced pet moving specialists at Reliable Pet Travel Delivery Services,the Air cargo agency will handle your pets delivery with confidence, professionalism, and trust. Pet Delivery Services NO
TRANQUILLIZER rule is designed for the safety and welfare of your pet during airline cargo transport. Pet Delivery Services registered as an Intermediate Handler,is governed by the rules, regulations and mandates of the Animal Welfare Act , the AWA and the Federal Law governing scheduled airline air cargo shipments.So he is now ready for delivery.But you have to confirm the address before he take off:
There is another thing you have to bring to us in order for your pets to be safe and have a safe Journey.We are sorry to inform you that, Due to the Bad weather notification from our Meteorological Centre, We can't use your crate to transport the Kitten in for security reasons, It has been evaluated by our pet specialist and confirmed with us that it is not good for the Atmospheric conditions this period.Your Kitten will need a Temperature Regulator Crate to be shipped to you.So you are requested to get one and send to us.Without the required Temperature Crate,we are sorry,we will not handle the shipment because should any thing happen to him,we will be held responsible. We also have Temperature Crates here at our office that can be hired.We hire Crates for R5000 .But this will apply a caution fee of R50. Making a total of R5050 ,So if you wish to rent the Crates from us,you are required to pay R5050 which R5000 will be fully refunded to you as the caution fee and the temperature Crates will be taken back to the company. But if you wish to keep the Temperature Crate,then you will have to purchase it for R5500. Please make your decision known to us if you want to rent or purchase the Temperature Crate then make your payment so that we can proceed with the Transportation and Delivery of Your Kitten
NOTE:Our Delivery Agents will call you when they Arrive at the Airport .

she was adamant that the reports later found on the net were"crap" that I was illiterate for believing them and then turned abusive -

Report ID: 12478
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: Nationwide
City/Town: Nationwide
Address: 9 Lind St, swellendam
Crime Date/Time: 27 Feb 2016, 00:02 AM
Reported By: PISSEDOFF
Reported Date: 29 Feb 2016, 08:02 AM
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