2006 Toyota Hilux 4.0 Auto

Watch out for this guy..he is trying to fraud people on vehicles, advertised on junkmail..he uses different names, different mobile numbers. He is saying he works for national geografic and pretends to be someone else. stay away from this guy, this is the entire email i received from him:

Hi again,

This is my number: +447495230359, you can call me anytime.
I'm sorry you cannot see the bakkie because I am not in the country and for this reason we must use Gumtree in order to be safe (I am a verified seller on Gumtree so we can use their services). I want to use Gumtree because we are in a country like South Africa and we both know that we can find very bad people here. I am sorry to say it because I love this country, but yes, South Africa is not what it used to be. All I need from you is your full name and address so I can register you as potential buyer on Gumtree.

Full name:
Complete address (street, city, where to be delivered):
Phone number:

After I will have all this details I will forward them to Gumtree and I will proceed the order. Gumtree will contact you with all the details that you need to complete this deal and also to see that I am covered by them and that I am a verified seller. Good to know that the bakkie will be delivered to your home address only after the payment is completed. Delivery time will be 2 days. Of course comes with insurance covered by me until you take the ownership, RWC, keys, logbooks, clear title, full service plan and all the papers signed so you can easy transfer the bakkie on your name. All the charges will be paid by me. I don't have a outstanding amount on the bakkie at a bank or financial agency as I paid cash for it. Also a 10 days refund policy will be included so if you will not like the bakkie you will receive your money back. I have two more persons interested in buying the bakkie and ready to pay for it so please send me your full name and address for delivery if you are ready to buy and pay it.

Thank you

His signature is most important, he will change his name, his email, but never his website or mobile number:
Thank you & Regards,
Kobus & Rachel
rachelkobus12@gmail.com (Rachel)
kobusrachel63@gmail.com (Kobus)
rachelkobus63@photographer.net (Work)
rachelkobus63 (Skype)
+447495230359 (Cell)
+447495230359 (WhatsApp)

Report ID: 12504
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: Gauteng
Address: Johannesburg
Crime Date/Time: 5 Mar 2016, 13:03 PM
Reported By: botha123
Reported Date: 8 Mar 2016, 13:03 PM
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  • rachelkobus12 13 Mar 2016, 05:36 PM

    We have contacted Interpol and the SA police and they will trace you, you black crooks go and work for money !!!! Rachel and Kobus

  • rachelkobus12 13 Mar 2016, 05:24 PM

    Hi there Botha,

    Why don't you tell the whole story that the bakkie from Kobus was delivered to you and you refused to pay for it??? And why don't you tell that we paid the delivery charges and after the bakkie was delivered, you came with your guys and tried to stole the bakkie and beat the delivery agent from uShip???? We will contact the SA police so they can trace you!!! We have your address and your name, of course if is your real name !!!! Shame Shame Shame you black crook !!!!

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