On 23 February a Mr Michael Henry posted a false and malicious report on this site claiming that I had committed a fraud against him. This report was clearly aimed at destroying my hard earned and excellent professional reputation. What Mr Henry conveniently omitted to report was that (1) on 23 February I refunded him 50% of the fee he paid me when, according to the strict letter of the law, I was not obligated to do so since he withdrew from our contract without just cause whilst I remained willing and able to fulfill my obligations (2) His gripe against me was his claim that I should have informed him that he could not use his credit card account to prove that he had funds available to him to meet one of the requirements of his intended UK work visa application. I responded by explaining to him that it is a no brainer that a credit card account cannot be used to prove the availability of funds to a visa applicant (since this account usually indicates a level of debt owed by the applicant to his/her bank). I also told him that in 10 years of providing UK immigration services he is the first person I have encountered who thought he could use his credit card account to prove funds available to him (3) On two occasions I got Mr Henry’s prospective employer in the UK to correct errors they made in the Certificate of Sponsorship they issued him with. Had I not spotted and corrected those errors Mr Henry’s visa application would most definitely have been refused by the British High Commission in Pretoria and they would not have refunded him the R27,000 application fee he would have paid them. Instead of thanking me for saving him R27,000 on two occasions Mr Henry embarked on a vindictive campaign to destroy my reputation because he failed to check with me before assuming that he could do something highly unusual to meet one of the requirements for his visa application (ie rely on funds he transferred to his credit card account to meet the maintenance requirement for his visa application). If, after reading this posting, anyone still doubts my credentials and integrity I would be more than happy to refer you to numerous very satisfied recent former clients of mine. Sincerely, Gavin Shulman (UK Visa Centre -

Report ID: 12524
Crime Category: Other
Province: Gauteng
City/Town: Springs
Address: South Africa
Crime Date/Time: 23 Feb 2016, 21:02 PM
Reported By: GShulman1965
Reported Date: 14 Mar 2016, 21:03 PM
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  • GShulman1965 30 Mar 2016, 09:13 AM

    What a liar ! My services are definitely cheaper than Breytenbachs and the mess Michael Henry refers to was created by himself by stupidly thinking he could rely on his credit card account to prove he had funds to meet the maintenance requirement for his visa application. Is there no end to this man's vindictive malicious defamation ?! Whoever reads this can speak to a gentleman whom I helped yesterday to submit an urgent visa application for his grandson in 3 hours, from start to finish (including completing and submitting the application, paying the application fee and checking all supporting documents) ! Contact me and I'll put you in touch with him. I very much doubt Breytenbachs would have dropped everything to help this man. Gavin Shulman (UK Visa Centre)

  • Biker_Mike 30 Mar 2016, 08:45 AM

    Use the professional consultants. www . bic-immigration . com. They were cheaper and also had a wonderful and pleasant consulting experience with explanations of all specifics in the process. Excellent work they provide and not rude. Thanks to breytenbachs for fixing this consultant at uk visa centres' mess for me.

  • Mimi92688 15 Mar 2016, 06:42 AM

    Help I just received this message "Just come tomorrow by 09:00am in Johannesburg @164 commissioner & delvers street, building name its KARIBA HOUSE, office no104. Come with your CV, ID copy or passport copy if you don't ID and your R50 for your training manual book. Keep this text massage for prove. Ask for zinhle...."

    I have been told that any job that ask me to pay is a scam has find a job through these people?

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