Loan connector SCAM!!

I have been a victim of a scam company.

They asked for required fields such as my banking details as well as my ID number.

I had to pay the amount of R477.00 which I did, and had sent the proof of payment so that my subscription could be canceled. I was being ignored ever since.

But just a few days ago, I received another email from another so to be clerk that is working there to pay the amount of R589.00. So I ignored that email and just yesterday they threatened to put me on a blacklist and in court.

I told them that I payed the amount that they asked for, and yet now they want me to pay more? they did at first deduct over R500 from my account in which I unfortunately I did not retrieve.

I also threatened them with the police and was being ignored since. And this morning I got an email that I will be held liable for that amount of money.

What I can't quite picture is that Everyone threatened me in that loan company except the lady who told me I would only pay one amount and then my subscription is canceled.

Report ID: 12527
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: Free State
City/Town: Other
Address: Loan connector SA
Crime Date/Time: 15 Jul 2015, 20:07 PM
Reported By: user93
Reported Date: 15 Mar 2016, 11:03 AM
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  • mrtrack 4 Jun 2017, 07:00 PM

    Please send me all the details of your dealings with this company. We are opening a lot of cases against them. We need as much proof as possible to put these guys behind bars where they belong. My email address is

  • Gatvol-of-scams 27 Mar 2017, 01:05 PM

    Hi user93. I have also fallen victim to these people. They have ALL my details, banking, ID, email but not my cell nr though. After googling it I have noticed quite a number of people are complaining of the same nonsense. What have you done in the interim? will you pay them? just let it be and let them proceed?

  • Lola30 1 Jul 2016, 02:56 PM

    Please be advised everyone, legitimate LEGAL loan institutions will never ask you for an upfront fee to secure a loan. Any fees that are incurred will be taken from the monthly repayments. Any place or person offering loans either using a free mail service like gmail or yahoo or any place or person offering loans that asks for upfront fees are no legal lending institutions and are only in the business of scamming you. They will ask for more and more money while dangling the loan in front of you like they are dangling a carrot in front of a horse. You will pay and pay and pay but you will never receive the loan and in the end you will just be plunging yourself further into debt. Please do not allow yourselves to be the victims of these fraud scams anymore, let us all educate ourselves in order to preserve our hard earned money.

  • Kay12392717 16 Mar 2016, 10:45 PM

    I have been scammed by John Pascal, he promised me loan and I keep paying money and never received loan

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