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Lerissa Steenkamp , Babara van Rooyen , Chantel Linde , Andre Terblanche Annje Cheryl Kleynhans, Ramona Mahadoo all work via email corresponded - They start by asking a small admin fee... at the end the been taken R 70 000.00 !!! and I still did not get the loan !!! and they still contact me for money to pay to finalist the loan !!!!! The nr. that I have are 011 029 4238 , 078 889 5776 or 073 886 6855
They ask you to pay via Pnp, Pep, Absa - Mr.KR Pooe acc.
STD Bank

People they are cruel and do not care where you get money - they demand !!! I still did not get the loan !!!!

Report ID: 13608
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: Free State
Address: Sandton/Johannesburg
Crime Date/Time: 6 Apr 2016, 15:04 PM
Reported By: Sewona
Reported Date: 6 Apr 2016, 15:04 PM
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  • Username9641 5 Mar 2017, 05:13 PM

    I am Ramona Mahadoo and I am a manger of a very reputable company so when my friends told me my name appears on this website for fraud I lost it, please double check all your facts before using my name as I am from Durban and will never be involved in something so shady. I do empathise as I read about your situation but do not use personal details of innocent people. That's immoral. I have reported this to the police because my id could have been used fraudulently and I have also asked reportacrime to investigate. you are welcome to contact me on

  • Sewona 18 Jul 2016, 01:57 PM

    Just keep all emails and proof ! I report it to the police where I went the firts time. I do not know what els can we do !!! This fuckers are getting away with all of this !!! I am so damn mad !!!

  • AnnjeKleynhans 18 Jul 2016, 01:50 PM

    Where are we going to report this and how are we going to stop these people from committing further fraud on our names and sending out our ID's. One of these days the police is going to knock on our doors and arrest us for fraud.

  • Sewona 18 Jul 2016, 09:52 AM

    What !!! Now I read that Money Super Market are using my NAME !!! to scam people !!! Sewona van der Westhuizen !!! Mother Fuckers !!!

    They Stole R 70 000 !!! and now they use my Id and Name !!!

    I am reporting this !!!!

    People please I am not one of them !!! -

  • AnnjeKleynhans 15 Jul 2016, 01:47 PM

    I am Annje Kleynhans. I got a message from friends saying that people are using my ID to scam people.
    After some research it is the the exact same people that scammed me for R17 000 and now they are using my ID and sending it to people.
    They kept on asking for money and i refused to pay one more cent after that. I begged to just to refund me half of my money they took but they still requested more money.
    They have now even setup an email account under with my profile picture.
    I reported this to the police, gumtree and google, gmail and to the Federal Bureau Investigation Internet Crime Complaint Centre.

    I was dealing with some many of these people. Merissa Serfontein, Lerissa Steenkamp, Gerald De Wet, Sewona Van Der Westhuizen, Barbara Van Rooyen, Marks Spencer Finance , Lina Rodrigues , Chantel Linde.

    These are all the people that came in contact with me and asked to have small amounts ewalleted to them so that they can pay out my money. After 5 months of this, they still kept on calling and saying they must payout and i must pay a small fee. I refused and blocked their numbers.

    I emailed the person that is using my ID yesterday the 13th July 2016 and told them that i have reported it and then i got an email back saying that they will kill me.

    I hope they will catch these people that is destroying others lives.

  • Lola30 1 Jul 2016, 02:47 PM

    Please be advised everyone, legitimate LEGAL loan institutions will never ask you for an upfront fee to secure a loan. Any fees that are incurred will be taken from the monthly repayments. Any place or person offering loans either using a free mail service like gmail or yahoo or any place or person offering loans that asks for upfront fees are no legal lending institutions and are only in the business of scamming you. They will ask for more and more money while dangling the loan in front of you like they are dangling a carrot in front of a horse. You will pay and pay and pay but you will never receive the loan and in the end you will just be plunging yourself further into debt. Please do not allow yourselves to be the victims of these fraud scams anymore, let us all educate ourselves in order to preserve our hard earned money.

  • Sewona 22 Jun 2016, 10:27 AM

    Melissa please let me know it you get more info about this people - I need to get my money back ! Please

  • melissa97753 21 Jun 2016, 09:39 PM

    Okay , I am also doing my own investigation now

  • Sewona 19 Jun 2016, 05:48 PM

    Yes !! But I can not give info at this tage. We need to go to court first.

  • melissa97753 19 Jun 2016, 01:56 PM

    But did you get any feedback from the police

  • Sewona 18 Jun 2016, 07:16 AM

    Melissa the I'd's do not help I give it to the police and they say they will work on the case. The documents that they sent you are fraud. The company do not excises! The land line are a home nr. I done my homework on this people and can not trace them! But if you do not believe me - go ahead give them money and tell me when did you stop and how much money they steal from you before you say that is enough.

  • melissa97753 18 Jun 2016, 12:50 AM

    Did you answer them for ID documents and company they work for.

  • Sewona 17 Jun 2016, 12:24 PM

    Melissa I NEVER received any money from money super market till today - they stole over R70 000 !!!!! Please be carefull do not go on this the payments what ever they say !

  • melissa97753 17 Jun 2016, 11:48 AM

    Hi please tell me did you ever receive the loan in your account after you made payment to them.. I am asking as I am also with the same people I paid for a loan that I am still waiting for and she( Annje cheryl kleynhans ) said I only need to pay R 190 and I will have the loan today.

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