Ex AA Truck Driver Surname Neethling Stole Diver Watch

Apologies to the site owners and readers about the date above which is incorrect. This theft of my R8'000 Nivada diver's watch took place several years ago.

On the date of the theft, my car broke down with a broken clutch cable on the M3 opposite the Shell garage Paradise Motors in Newlands. At the time I was an AA member and called their control centre in Cape Town for towing assistance to my home in Kenilworth.

The AA sent one of their own tow trucks and the driver was a white person named Neethling.

He towed my car to my home and asked me if he could wash his hands and I allowed him inside my home.

When he finished washing his hands, I asked him to wait in my home office while I fetched my wallet to give him a R50 tip. After a minute or so, I returned to my office, gave Neethling the money and saw him outside through my front door.

Directly after Neethling left, I returned to my office and immediately saw my Nivada diver watch was no longer on the pedestal next to my desk.

I immediately called the AA control office, reported the theft and the controller told me Neethling was on his way to Muizenberg and that he would contact their truck driver immediately and get back to me.

For the rest of the evening, I called the AA control again but they told me they couldn't get hold of Neethling.

The next morning, I called the AA's manager who told me that the previous day (the day Neethling stole my watch), was Neethling's last workday with the AA.

During the following days and weeks, I tried in vain to find out through the AA where Neethling had gone but was unsuccessful in tracing him.

Within a few days after the theft, I placed several display advertisements in the Cape Argus with an image of the stolen watch but received only junk calls.

Although several years have now passed, I still would very much like to find Neethling and get him to return my watch as it was the only model of this type in SA. At the time Neethling stole the watch, it was fitted with a rubber strap and I still have the metal bracelet as fitted in the pic.

Please help me find this thief!

Thank you


Report ID: 13617
Crime Category: Stolen - Other
Province: Western Cape
City/Town: CAPE TOWN
Suburb: Kenilworth
Address: Kenilworth
Crime Date/Time: 7 Apr 2016, 00:04 AM
Reported By: Variac
Reported Date: 8 Apr 2016, 00:04 AM
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