We got a request from one of our ministries to supply a quote on a certain CCTV camera, the link was provided to see the specific camera they requested. We requested a quote from the company URBAN CCTv ( and I also requested quotations from different security camera companies, urban cctv quotation was the cheapest but not out of the norm cheaper. We received the order from our Ministry and then proceeded to place the order with Urban, They first required the full amount, as we are normally a bit wary to pay full amounts to companies we have not worked with yet. A 50% deposit of R 81,062.50 was transferred to Urban CCTV's account namely ABSA BANK/931-719-3424/BCODE 632-005. I started getting a worried when every-time i phone it's the same person and it seems the phone diverts to a cell. I requested that our Support office in Jhb go to look at the address given to see if the place actually exists but nothing spoke to business in the area and apparently that address does not exist and they have never heard of such a company. The gentlemen which i have been dealing with namely Wayne, then told me the goods are being delivered by them to us in Namibia! He then gave me the drivers number Thabo 0834893268, phoning "Thabo" you can hear it's the same guy! I started googling the number he gave me and a report and came up with a name David Mangena with a different land line number 012-752 9414, when i phoned that number Mr Wayne picked up, and the cell number of Thabo is also the number of this David Mangena! We also found another company with all the exact same details but called Pelco CCTV under a Brady's listing. I have given all over to my bank but i am not sure if they could have stopped the money to this company. How do we go about with reporting and following up this criminal as we are from Namibia? So up until now we still waiting for the camera's to be delivered and after finding more and more fraud cases when googling numbers he supplied i doubt we ever will see the cameras or the money.
Here are some numbers and names we have now come up with being one and the same person
Wayne Mayo - cell 081442331 (Contact at UrbanCCTV) Number also appears on deposit fraud scam reported name Mike Ngubane
Thabo - 0834893268 (Apparent Driver of UrbanCCTV) - This number again appears on another fraud alert for tender quotations
Urban CCTV "land line" that gets diverted - 0110383156
Urban CCTV fax number - 86 6677255

Report ID: 13620
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: Gauteng
City/Town: Randburg
Crime Date/Time: 7 Apr 2016, 08:04 AM
Reported By: Essie
Reported Date: 9 Apr 2016, 10:04 AM
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